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2021 - 2022 Salary Guides

In conjunction with the new financial year, Design & Build wanted to explore the shifting salary expectations of employees within the built environment space further. How much do employees think they are worth? Do they think they are being paid the market rate? What proportion of workers are expecting a pay rise this year, and more importantly what are the potential consequences if they don’t receive one?

The following salary guide we’ve compiled – based on a survey sent to our database of 55,000 uniquely coded candidates, the latest statistics on the economy and labour force and our own industry knowledge – aims to not only reveal the standard salary packages for those within construction, engineering and property currently, but also provide insight into employees salary expectations for the 2021-2022 financial year. Because of the varied and distinct sectors and roles within the built environment, we’ve split our salary guide into three separate sectors: construction, engineering and property.

A key finding from our research was the level of uncertainty that employees felt around their salary packages, which could often lead to dissatisfaction. Consequently, these guides also explore ways organisations can start initiating conversations around pay that have a productive outcome for both parties.

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