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The Importance of the Employee Lifecycle

At Design & Build we understand the value in finding, securing, and retaining quality talent. Which is why our consultants not only focus on the ‘recruitment’ stage of the life-cycle, but invest in after-care processes to help new employees transition into their new employment and stay up-to-date on the best business practices to help market their organisation, cultivate a positive workplace culture, and develop their employee’s skillset; all things that are integral in continuing the cycle of attracting and retaining talent.

As the research in this paper demonstrates, every stage of an employee’s life at an organisation impacts future recruitment opportunities. Consequently, in the following sections we delve into each stage of the lifecycle; what research indicates, and our own findings on how engaging employees and successfully transitioning them through each stage of the lifecycle can be achieved.

If you are looking for advice or more information on the employee life-cycle -especially the first three stages- Design & Build specialises in attracting, recruiting, and transitioning the right candidates to the right roles. Reach out to our team of consultants today to help ensure you are engaging with relevant candidates from the first day they interact with your company, to when they become fully fledged employees.

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