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Perfect job interview preparation

Perfect job interview preparation

over 3 years ago By Design & Build
Interview Prep

You’ve secured a job interview for a job you think you’d be perfect for. Now you need to nail the interview to secure the job of your dreams. But a bad interview can sink your chances of landing that perfect role. Follow these tips to make sure you ace the interview with your future employers.

Research the company

Make sure your interviewer know how interested you are in working for them by researching the company thoroughly. Find out about their company’s past, present and future. Make a note of interesting projects and awards. Researching the company shows that you are taking the entire process seriously.

Know your strengths

This is your chance to show you are the best person for the job by highlighting your abilities. Companies can only get so much information from your resume. Talking with them gives you a chance to highlight your best attributes.

For example, when interviewing for a project manager role, explain why you are a strong leader. Give examples of how you took charge or used problem-solving skills to avoid disaster.

Know your weaknesses

It’s important to be aware of your professional shortcomings. There will probably be a question about this in the interview, so prepare for it. Choose something that is a skill you’d like to develop.

Take care of yourself

If you feel well there’s a much higher chance you’ll have a good interview. So, in the days leading up to your big interview, take care of yourself. Exercise, eat well and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Try to avoid sources of confrontation and stress before the interview. First impressions are important. Feeling positive will show, and you’ll have a better experience on the day of interview.

Good luck!

A strong interview can land you a life-changing opportunity. If you follow our advice and put as much effort and care into the interview preparation as you do into your day job, you will be fine.

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