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The best phone etiquette when job hunting

The best phone etiquette when job hunting

over 3 years ago By Design & Build
Phone Etiquette

Following the right phone etiquette can make the difference between being hired and having your resume placed in a shredder. You may need to use this important skill through the job-hunting process – so it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts.

When to turn off your mobile phone

If you are attending a job fair or interview, turn off your mobile phone so it will not disturb anyone or disrupt proceedings. Not answering your phone or making calls is good manners. Use your phone at appropriate times when won’t bother people.


When talking to interviewers on the phone give them your full attention. If you have call waiting, don’t take any notice of the bleep that lets you know someone is attempting to get through to you. New callers can wait or leave a message.

Answer phone messages

Have an answer phone so you do not miss important news about interviews. Remember that the message callers hear will influence how you are viewed. To keep a professional image when job hunting, refrain from telling jokes, saying anything cute or playing amusing music.

Your message should state who you are to let people know they are about to leave a message on the correct answer phone. Provide an alternative contact number if possible, so you can be easily reached.

Household members

If there are other people who might pick up the phone at home, make it clear to them that you are job hunting and need to create a good image. Ask children not to pick up the phone and adults to be polite and respectful when answering calls. It will also be helpful if they understand not to make a lot of noise while you are on the phone.

Answering a call

When you pick up the phone, say “Hello” clearly ,followed by your name. Any callers will know they have reached the right number and can speak. When you speak, be clear and concise. Use an even tone and refrain from interrupting when a caller is talking. If you are not clear about what you have heard, clarify by asking for further details. If necessary, take notes to refer to so you do not need to keep asking the same question.


While job hunting you need to be ready for when prospective employers call. As well as keeping notepaper and a pen by the phone, keep a copy of your resume and details of job interviews you have attended. You can refresh your memory by looking at your notes.