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The importance of health and safety in the construction industry

The importance of health and safety in the construction industry

about 3 years ago By Adam Shaw
Construction safety

There can be a lot of competing interests when it comes to the construction industry. Clients want projects built to suit their needs and want it done now. Companies must balance budgets and schedules with quality work to deliver on the promises they made when they won the bid. 

These competing interests can have a big impact on everyday decisions. But at the heart of the whole process should be the health and safety of everyone involved.

Making work sites safe

Work sites can be a dangerous places. With heavy machinery and lots of people trying to get their job done there is always a chance of serious injury, not only for workers, but also site visitors and anyone passing by.

Engineers, project managers and subcontractors need to visit sites regularly. There’s a good chance they might not be familiar with the equipment and heavy machinery in use. The same goes for people going about their daily routines near work sites.

Working at heights in busy urban environments can be especially dangerous. There might only be small buffers between dangerous falling debris and passersby so workers in these areas must always be aware of their surroundings.

Providing good training

One thing that can help everybody avoid major injuries is training. Workers on construction sites should have a solid understanding of the work taking place around them. If workers know when high risk work is being carried out they can keep an eye out for the potential risks - even if they are not involved with that task.

As well as the harm caused to the person injured, unsafe activity can end up costing valuable time and money which in turn ruins carefully planned budgets and schedules. Taking care of the injury and making up the lost time can really hurt efficiency.

Health and Safety

Working in construction requires you to stay on your toes at all times to avoid injury to yourself or others. Health and Safety professionals are vital to any construction project and play a critical role in ensuring all health and safety regulations are followed by both workers and visitors, and to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

There is no excuse for poor safety practices on a construction site. While efficiency and production are important, the health and safety of everyone involved should take priority.

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