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Tips for managing stress in construction

Tips for managing stress in construction

over 3 years ago By Kelly Harrison
Stressed construction worker

Working in the construction, property and engineering industries can be tough.

Project managers need to make sure everybody stays on task and within budget. Civil engineers need to make sure their designs and drafts are correct, so a project isn’t sunk before it starts. Those working in real estate need to do their job in a property market that can shift unexpectedly at any time. 

Luckily there are ways to cope with the weight of these responsibilities. Here are some great ways to manage the stress that comes along with such positions:

Talk about it

Don’t suffer in silence. This applies to many parts of life, including work. If you are drowning in work, perhaps it’s time to talk to your superiors or colleagues about your workload. Your stress can have far-reaching negative impacts for your employer. They will want what’s best for you, and to keep your stress levels in check so you can perform at your highest level.

Ask for help

This goes hand in hand with managing your workload. Sometimes you might find yourself taking on too much responsibility. If you can, try to delegate some tasks to others. Trusting your colleagues will empower them to do better work and shift some tasks off of your plate.

Manage your time

Proper time management can go a long way in keeping you from getting stressed. People do this in different ways. Some make lists, getting a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment every time, you complete a task. Other people need to keep detailed diaries that map out their day to the minute. Coming up with a process will help you keep track of everything that needs doing, giving you a feeling of control over your day.

Break up big projects

A big project can be a daunting prospect, that can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead of thinking about it as one big thing you have to do, think about it as many smaller tasks. This will help you focus on taking care of each step.

Work out what’s worth worrying about

Sometimes, you can become stressed by exaggerating the impact of your actions. Some parts of your job might affect on the safety of others or the success of your company. But some things you’re worrying about are probably not worth the stress. Figure out what’s most important and focus your energy there.

Construction jobs, engineering jobs and real estate jobs come with plenty of stress. Lives and livelihoods often depend on your work. But there are ways to manage this stress, and improve your quality of life and your professional capability.

To seek out advice and talk to someone that understands, we recommend MATES in Construction. Call  their national 24/7 line 1300 642 111.