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Our vision for the future

Our vision for the future

about 3 years ago By Andrew McGregor
Design & Build Tom and Andy

Design & Build was founded on the philosophy of doing right by candidates and clients. This has been the guiding principle behind every decision we’ve made. There was nothing wrong this - other than, quite simply, we didn’t know where it might take us and what we would become. It appeared to be more of a mission. Our overall vision was not clear.

We wanted to think bigger than this so in 2014 with Tom joining the D&B team we decided to reset the vision to become ‘The leader in construction, property and engineering across the east coast of Australia, by doing right by our candidates and candidates’. And this has been what we have been working towards since 2014.

As we approach our 15 year anniversary, and with the creation of PSP, along with rebranding D&B, Tom and I felt now was the time to again look at our vision, mission and values and where they might take us over the next 15 years.


When we considered our current vision of being the leader within Construction, Engineering, & Property’, the challenge became clear. You can’t really define what ‘leader’ means - as everyone is a leader within their own specialism (or says they are one!). And what’s the point in being the biggest and/or the best if people don’t trust you?

And that’s when for us the ‘penny dropped’.

Do our clients trust us? Do all candidates really trust us? Do recruiters trust their clients and candidates? I think we unfortunately know in a great deal of instances the answer to this question is no.

We knew then that our goal should be to be trusted by everyone we work with. So our new vision is ‘To be the most trusted recruitment agency in Australia’.


For us this was simple, it was already there and embedded in our everyday thinking, ‘doing right by out candidates and clients’. The missing part was not hard to find, to achieve the mission you have to look at who is carrying out that mission and that is our valued colleagues.

So, put simply our mission and how we are going to achieve our vision is ‘doing right by our candidates, clients and colleagues’.


When I consider my time with D&B, from the day I started till now the one thing that stands true is that we do look to do ‘right by our clients and candidates’. That’s not to say we haven’t got it wrong at time - we have. But we’ve put our hands up and been human about it, rather than putting our heads in the sand.

I also think about the people that have succeeded at the business over our 15-year history. None of them have been about themselves first, which is what has kept me here over the past 8 ½ years.

We then started to consider what do our clients, candidates and colleagues really want when working with or for us?

After a process to consult our teams in Sydney and Melbourne over the past few months, it became clear that what they valued most and we value most are:

  • Honest Communication
  • Care
  • Focus
  • Feedback


As we were finalising our decision on the new vision, another thought came to our minds: What does D&B represented now in terms of markets. We wondered whether it was clear on who we were, and what did. Having progressed from a team of 16 to 65 people over that time, a lot had changed - and in particular, our public sector team which was now 8 consultants.

This resulted in us deciding that now was the time to launch our own public sector brand, Public Sector People. Now our clients and candidates will be able to easily identify where to go for public sector and private sector roles.


When considering our office locations, we also had a voice in our heads saying ‘what about Brisbane and Queensland?’. After all, our original mission was to be the leader across the East Coast. To me, this meant that we should open the office now to start supporting our valued clients and candidates in the region.

So we have now also opened our Brisbane office allowing us to truly deliver for our clients in the region and providing us with an opportunity to develop our consultants further and allow for relocation opportunities across the group.


So there it is, we have our vision, mission and values as a business - not only for today, but for the future. By ‘building trust’ we can work towards our vision to become ‘The most trusted recruitment leader in Australia’ by doing right by our colleagues, our candidates and our clients.