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Careers Market Snapshots: Interior Design with Emily Roberson

Careers Market Snapshots: Interior Design with Emily Roberson

almost 3 years ago By Emily Roberson
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Over the coming months we’re helping our clients & candidates stay informed of key talent drivers through regular career market updates. Each update will come from a different Design & Build team member sharing their unique observations of a specific sector within the built environment.

This week Emily Roberson has taken a deep dive into the Interior Design sector…

General market observations

Interior Design is starting to pick up again, we have observed an increased demand for Interior Designers for education, hospitality & workplace projects. This growth reflects the more comment types of projects for which Interior Designers have been recently in demand.

On top of this, there's an increase in Industrial Design positions. The client need for these technical roles have reached the point where clients are actively reaching out to Emily for recruiting help. A recent example came this week where Emily was contacted for an Industrial Design role with a client for a transport infrastructure project. 

Interior design positions we’re recruiting right now

Graduate Architect, Lead Senior Interior Design, Landscape Architect, 2x industrial Designers. Also recruiting 2x roles in NZ; AutoCad technician and an Interior Designer.

Contractor snapshot

Contractor demand is mostly on the architectural side and are generally for 3-4 month contracts with typically quick hiring timeframes. Contractor hourly rates are varying from $35-$55 depending on experience. Contractors with 8+ years experience generally receive the higher hourly rate.

Contractor rates also vary depending on software skills, we’re finding candidates with Revit experience are generally more in demand and will receive a higher per hour rate. This is also dependant on project experience. 

If a Contractor applies for a Revit role but only has AutoCad experience they are less likely to get the position. There are some exceptions where companies are willing to train people, but this is not the norm.

Software in use

Each sector is using a different software; for example retail is using Vectorworks and workplace design firms are using ArchiCad. While architectural practices are transitioning into Revit to streamline their processes and enhance their communication flow with external businesses.  Local Council & Government, in the main, are already using Revit.


We are seeing a 20% increase in Graduate recruitment. This is due to firms seeing Grads as an opportunity to train people in line with a firm’s values and workflow. And because Grads typically have a lower salary commensurate with their level of experience. 

From the Graduate's perspective it is a busy recruitment market with many grads for few roles. Grads who have been more proactive in getting experience during their studies such as internships or work placements are a step ahead and generally get the roles.


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