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Design & Build and Public Sector People EOFY awards

Design & Build and Public Sector People EOFY awards

almost 3 years ago By Team
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Design & Build along with its recently formed Public Sector People brand celebrated 15 years in business on Friday 12th July at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. The anniversary and celebrations tied in well with our yearly conference.


During the conference we heard from Neil Colquhoun on the growth and challenges in the first years where he broke the business down into 3 versions being the start-up phase, the GFC and post GFC years, and the last 5 years under the direction of Tom Dumper & Andrew McGregor.


Andrew then presented to the group on the plans for Design & Build over the next 12 months and 5 years followed by Tom who went into the first 6 months for PSP and the exciting future it has.






Following this we were honoured to welcome Aman Karra-Hassan who presented to our team on breaking her story, overcoming the imposter syndrome along with diversity & inclusion.


After listening to Aman's inspiring story we were delighted to present the awards for the FY, and the winners were...


Top Biller – Alex Mitchell (Design & Build)

Over the financial year Alex continued to cement his place as a go to for many Tier 1 & 2 construction companies in NSW. Alex has the highest permanent recruiter insider score in the company and this is echoed in his repeat business rate and fact no candidate has not completed their probation periods with his clients. He’s a trusted partner to the industry and a true example of what a Business Leader should be.

"Whilst it was nice to win two Awards the Consultant’s Consultant Award meant a lot to me. It’s always nice to be recognised for performance but for me personally the respect of my colleagues makes me proud."  - Alex


Best Newcomer – Paul Cullen (Public Sector People – NSW)

All round nice guy – stuck it out – displays the core values. No ego, no arrogance and gets on with it. 

Paul continually lives the Vision, Mission and Values of PSP and has shown incredible focus to deliver across 2 councils in Queensland, across a broad range of job categories resulting in excellent feedback and resulting in PSP being added as a supplier to other councils across Qld and now NSW.  Paul continually explores ways to improve himself, has shown incredible drive and determination in what is a competitive market and is a great addition to the PSP team.  

"From the very first day I joined Design and Build I have felt very welcome and lucky to be a part of a team were you can really see the morale and motivation everyone has in common to be successful. 

I was absolutely delighted to even be recognised never mind achieve the best newcomer award considering this is such a high performing team and business to be a part of. "  - Paul


Directors Choice – Izzy Ringhofer (Design & Build)

Izzy has maintained consistency throughout the year doing 125% every Quarter and often has been in some testing positions with the end of Quarter looming and not many fees on the board. She has shown great courage, resilience and determination to succeed. Something that embodies everything about Design & Build.

"I feel really proud and privileged to have been picked for this award as it shows hard work and effort is recognised and rewarded.

I had no idea that it was coming and I am really appreciative of everyone’s support."  - Izzy


Support Team Award – Sarah Montaine (Health, Safety & Compliance)

Sarah is so approachable and supportive in her WHS. Her workload is huge but more than happy to answer question and offer support when needed. I think most of the consultants would struggle to keep up with everything if she wasn’t here.

Sarah Montaine holds a very important role within DB/PSP to ensure we remain WHS compliant. She is persistent in her pursuit for documents yet never comes across as nagging, that in itself is a talent.

"It is really nice to be recognised by me peers. I want to thank management for their constant support and feel lucky to be able to work with some great people who understand the importance of Work Health & Safety."  - Sarah


Consultants Consultant – Alex Mitchell (Design & Build)

Great work ethic, great human, works hard, plays harder, more determined than anyone I know, doesn’t sugar coat things, straight to the point but a heart of gold!
Consistently high biller for the company. Adds a lot of value to the culture of D&B and includes everyone. Always there for a chat/walk when you need one and is supportive. Shares leads (made 2 placements with a company because of him).


A huge congratulations to all our winners and the entire Design & Build and Public Sector People team for a fantastic FY2019.