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Increased demand for East Coast Surveyors

Increased demand for East Coast Surveyors

almost 3 years ago By Team
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The market for Surveyors on Australia's East Coast has turned a corner post Election 2019 and the EOFY. Sophie Mayne and Teddy Murphy our consultants who work with Surveying candidates and clients have reviewed the talent drivers surrounding the Surveying market.

Speculation around the election meant there was a temporary hiring holding pattern. However, the market has been re-energised and is starting to pick back up with RMS releasing their first project a few weeks ago.

In Sydney, Surveyors who have experience working on civil construction projects were particularly in demand this time last year. Those who had worked on RMS projects and used 12d software were typically hard to find and were being offered very competitive salaries to work on the large civil infrastructure projects such as Northconnex and Westconnex. 

This skill set is more common now as many companies have moved to 12d meaning more Surveying candidates now operate with this platform. As some large-scale RMS projects begin to wrap up there is potential for a skill surplus in this area, accordingly, candidates will need to consider their salary expectations.

Recruitment has kicked off in Brisbane with the long-anticipated $15b infrastructure boom which will run over next few years. The main focus of course is the $5.4b Brisbane Cross River Rail, where clients looking primarily for engineering surveyors. 

A consistent requirement for Registered Surveyors

We are still experiencing a shortage of these candidates. Registration requires a demonstration of competence in engineering, planning and all laws relating to the subdivision of land, which is only achieved by siting a series of exams. Many candidates are planning to go through their registration but this has left a workforce gap, particularly those with 10 years exp and those who are just coming through. The upshot is clients are aware of this and hiring surveyors who are part way through their exams.

Ongoing professional development

  • Due to requirement of Registered surveyors and the salaries they can expect a number of surveyors have looked into transitioning to Cadastral surveying.
  • NSW - Qualifications have become far more important due to RMS regulations – a number of companies are now supporting employees in completing diplomas etc.
  • A number of clients are focusing on establishing/ developing their own BIM modelling departments and are outsourcing less. This translates into a real increase in recruitment in this area. Clients are looking for candidates with a surveying background but are also interested in those with architectural and engineering backgrounds. 
  • Candidates in demand are those who can model their own data (laser scanned data and data collected by drones) and provide reporting to clients.