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Q&A with Alex Mitchell on his promotion to Business Leader

Q&A with Alex Mitchell on his promotion to Business Leader

almost 3 years ago By Team
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Alex, you’ve just been promoted to the new role of Design & Build Business Leader, but tell us, where were you before you joined Design & Build?

“I joined Design & Build from London around 3 ½ years ago. I was very ready for a new challenge and the appeal of Sydney was just too strong. I always knew it would be an incredible place to live & work and what Andy offered me, in terms of a role within the team, was also too good to refuse as well.”


And how much of a surprise was the promotion?

“The promotion came as quite a surprise. Andy  (Andrew McGregor, Design & Build MD) and I went for lunch and to be honest I wasn't expecting it all. I thought it was just a general catch up.

He certainly took me by surprise in offering me the promotion and the associated role which was really pleasing. For me, professionally this is my second promotion in three years at Design & Build so it's nice to be recognised for what I've achieved so far. It's nice to have that respect of my peers and the trust Andy has in me to take that new role.”


Recruitment is a challenging industry, we all know that, tell what your greatest challenge has been since joining the team?

“Probably coming into a highly competitive market where I didn’t know anyone, that was a real test. I was very comfortable in London having worked with the same clients for eight years and so when I came here I had to make a completely fresh start again.

I also started working the same area that Andy had work before so it could have been a bit of a poisoned chalice. It was his baby and I had to take over from him and what he was doing previously. 

But Andrew was very supportive. His client base knew him very well but he gave me a free hand to develop the desk how I wanted to. That was a little bit daunting but fortunately it has worked out really well.

We’re similar in our recruitment approach, Andy & I, in that we have the same ethics & morals and the same style in how we approach things. So that helped when speaking to his clients and gaining their trust.”


Lastly, how have you seen Design & Build evolve as a company in your time here?

“There are a lot more people working for the business for starters, but the growth of the business has been great. It’s changed quite a lot. 

We've gone into different sectors, established the brand in different parts of the construction industry and the Commercial Construction space is far more recognised. We've got a very good Health and Safety recruiter in Adam Shaw and we've developed a very strong contractor base with Billy Ramsey who I work with closely as well.

We really have gone from strength to strength and we're a lot more streamlined & efficient business than we were previously. 

Overall It’s been great to be part of the change, to know that you have made an impact in shaping the company and culture is really pleasing. I’m excited to see where the business will be in years to come.”


More about Alex:

I am sports mad – in particular Cricket, Football and Rugby. I still play cricket and you can find me watching England all around the world. Football wise I am an Arsenal fan which can be pretty frustrating at times! Interesting fact: I used to work in the Construction industry I recruit in so like to think I know what I am talking about.
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