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Building a Powerful Personal Brand

Building a Powerful Personal Brand

over 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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We were lucky enough to secure spots at the latest Australian Women in Construction series of events. Held at the Sydney LinkedIn office, the session was led by Andrea Bombino with guest speaker Kimberly Miller who both gave inspiring talks on Building a Powerful Personal Brand.

Main topics covered in the session were;

  • What is personal brand?
  • Defining your personal brand.
  • Leveraging Linkedin to bring your brand to life.

As Recruitment Consultants, a key weapon for success is having a strong personal brand. There’s no use being shy and unwilling to market yourself as a recruiter. The industry is changing rapidly, and you need to make a choice – either evolve with the times or get left behind.

Consultants Sophie and Emily give their feedback on the event and how they plan on delivering a stronger personal brand.

The main thing I got from the session was that from being authentic and working with your own particular set of values, you can create your own strong personal brand. It is important that you truly believe in your values and are driven by them rather than mimicking others.

My personal values are relationship building, integrity and trust which really aligns with our idea of doing right by both client and candidates. I like to work with the idea of having 90% of my roles with 20% of my clients. It’s important to me that I have built longstanding relationships whereby my clients trust me and come to me if they are recruiting or interested in discussing particular skill sets or even establishing new departments and asking for my opinion.

To develop this, I believe that you need to be consistent, make sure your actions align with your values and then continuing to work on those which takes patience and time.” - Sophie Mayne

Having a positive personal brand has always been a good idea, but the fact is your profile is now visible across many channels, there is also your social media profile to consider – your online, personal brand.

LinkedIn is such a powerful platform for us as recruiters to promote ourselves in the best possible way to such a vast audience. I’ve already started to review my LinkedIn profile and making sure it’s being utilised to its maximum capacity.

The values that are important to me are honesty, ethical and empowering and I plan on delivering these through the type of content I choose to post, engage with and support. I feel it is important to support other recruiters in our network and I hope that I can receive the same level of support back from my peers.” – Emily Roberson 

Do you know what you want to be known for? If not, try the following exercise.

Take some time out to think about how you would like to be perceived. Choose 3 words that you feel best reflect your values and the type of person you want to be. Then ask your family and friends to choose 3 words that best describe you to to see if how you are perceived by others, is how you want to be perceived.