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Congrats Izzy Ringhofer on your promotion to Senior Consultant

Congrats Izzy Ringhofer on your promotion to Senior Consultant

over 2 years ago By Team
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Just two and a half short years into her career here at Design & Build, we’re thrilled to announce that Izzy Ringhofer has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Let’s hear a little from Izzy about why she chose Design & Build, what the promotion means to her and where her career is heading...

Why join Design & Build? 

"After arriving in Australia, I was looking for a boutique recruiter within the construction space as I had over 2 years of experience in construction recruitment in the UK and really enjoy working in this space. I was initially drawn towards Design & Build due to the fact that they were a specialist in the Construction market, not a generalist recruiter trying to dabble in construction. This was made clear to me from our first meeting and they truly lived up to the ‘specialist boutique’ title.

First impressions of Andy? He was really down to earth, and even though it was a formal interview he really put me at ease. Andy explained the culture of the team and how they really wanted to be known as a leading construction industry recruiter. 

The values of Design & Build resonated with me from the start. The fact that the whole team, from the top down, takes an honest approach to recruitment... placing clients and candidates at the forefront of every decision they make, really impressed me.

Izzy joined the business here at D&B in June 2017 having previously worked internally for a fit-out business in the UK. She has grown the construction fit-out desk to become a leader in her field and has secured over 60 professionals a role in NSW. Izzy personifies our values of care and focus and has a genuine passion to always do the right thing by her clients, candidates and colleagues. 

There is never a dull day (or a night out!) with Izzy on the team. As the most recent winner of D&B Directors Choice Award Izzy has now backed this up with her most successful Q in the business. Thank you for all of your efforts and I look forward to working with you in the years to come. Well done Iz.

- Kelly Harrison, NSW State Manager - Design & Build

What does the promotion to Senior Consultant mean to you?

For starters… I’m very happy with it! To be honest I’m really proud of where I’ve come from just 2 ½ years ago. As a fresh face to the Australian recruitment market, it has taken dedication to building the trust of my candidates and clients. It shows that hard work really does pay off, it’s the cliche line you hear all the time but it really is true! 

I’m also really excited about the extra responsibility and what it means to lead by example, particularly by consistently demonstrating D&B’s core values. 

“It’s been great to watch Izzy grow and succeed over the past 2 years with D&B. Izzy epitomises everything that we believe in when it comes to building trust with our clients, candidates and colleagues. 

Izzy’s level of care is, I believe, unrivalled in her space and if you look at the feedback she receives from her candidates and colleagues it would be hard to say otherwise. Well done Izzy!”

- Andrew McGregor, Managing Director - Design & Build

Where do you want to take your career?

Over the next few years, I am looking to continue to progress in my career within the construction recruitment market. I am driven to be the best at what I do and to be the go-to consultant for my clients and candidates within the Commercial Fit Out and Refurb market. 

I want to continue to learn and develop my skills and take on new challenges at a company where I have the opportunities to do so and to work with people I can learn from, which Design & Build has.

The team at D&B make it fun coming to work, which is important in a job that can have many ups and downs.

Looking for a new role in the commercial fit-out and refurbishment market? You can contact Izzy directly on the details below. 


Phone - 02 9376 8200

Here's a snippet of some of Izzy's recent glowing testimonials...

"Izzy was very helpful throughout the process. Izzy was in constant contact with both my future employer and I, ensuring that I achieved the best possible result for myself. Izzy was very professional thought the process and her communication was second to none."

"Izzy was awesome from the beginning, she always had my best interest at hand and secured me my dream job from our first conversation. I was hesitant to use recruitment but would recommend Izzy any day, thank you..."

"Izzy was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of finding my next challenge and would recommend her to anyone looking for a new role within our industry, she has a full understanding of the role I was looking for and understood exactly the right companies where my skills would be best placed."