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Lauren Rogers makes Recruiter Insider’s Top 5 for Candidate Experience

Lauren Rogers makes Recruiter Insider’s Top 5 for Candidate Experience

over 2 years ago By Team

A huge shout out to Lauren who made the Top 5 on Recruiter Insider for candidate experience this past quarter. This places Lauren in the top echelon across all recruiters in Australian agencies using the Recruiter Insider feedback platform. 


Tell us Lauren… how did you achieve your Top 5 result?

“The main thing we focus on in Design & Build is building trust with our candidates, it’s how we differentiate ourselves. For me personally, there are a few ways I try to do that...

I take the time to understand people's motivations and values. For us, we don’t see a candidate as just as another transaction. We truly want to get to know them on a professional and personal level. If we don’t have a deep understanding of what is driving their career motivations we can’t help them make informed decisions about their next career move. Plus I get to meet interesting and intelligent people every day!


“I was blown away at how quickly Lauren responded to my initial application, and how she was able to steer me into the direction of a more achievable role based on my background. She was able to assist me with resume advice and also took the time to understand a bit more of what I was looking for, my strengths and what I am passionate about in order to match me to a role. Super excited to see what happens as I am genuinely itching to hear the next update! Thank you Lauren!”


I also like to offer open communication and honest feedback. How can we attempt to help our candidates if we aren’t honest with them throughout the recruitment process? 

This could be giving them constructive feedback on their interview style such as knowing how much to expand upon their experience. Some people will not say enough while others might go off on a tangent. We can’t be afraid to give an honest account of how the interview went as it’s important for our candidates to know how they can improve.


“Lauren has been great to deal with. She is extremely professional, down to earth and most importantly communicates very well. It is very hard these days to come across recruiters like Lauren.”


I put the candidates best interest at heart throughout the process. This comes down to making sure they have a positive experience regardless of the outcome. They’re putting in the hard work to go through the interview process, which can be very daunting, so our job is to support them as best we can to give them every chance of success. At the end of the day, we’re deeply involved in one of the most important decisions a person can make. So whether they get the job or not, we're just as focused on making their experience with Design & Build the best it can be.

Lastly, Lauren, what does the Recruiter Insider recognition mean to you?

It was a lovely surprise! I do genuinely care about our candidates and their experience with me as a recruitment consultant and it’s great to hear their positive feedback. I want to say a big thank you to all my candidates for placing their trust in me and sharing their experiences through Recruiter Insider.”


More feedback from Lauren’s candidates about their experience…

“Lauren was really helpful and professional with always keeping my best interests in check. She was also very quick and responded in a timely manner.”


“Lauren, has been very responsive with all my questions and queries. And she has been able to understand and listen to exactly what I am looking for in the workplace. I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities will open up for me because of Lauren support and guidance.”


“Lauren helped me to feel confident in preparing for the interview ahead and has journeyed and mentored me all the way through - right up to the point of congratulating me and giving me the good news that I got the job. She coached me through it all but the best part to it was I felt that Lauren genuinely cared and believed in me. That is a characteristic that cannot be scripted but only comes naturally. Thank you so much, Lauren, I am grateful for everything you have helped and assisted with me for my next step journey in my career.”