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Introducing Kelly Power, Our New Building Design Engineering Consultant

Introducing Kelly Power, Our New Building Design Engineering Consultant

about 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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Meet Kelly, the newest addition to our Melbourne team who will be focusing on recruiting Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering roles for the building design sector. Kelly has 6 years’ experience as a recruitment consultant within the engineering, mining and construction sectors. The last 3 years she worked as a Client Manager at Engineers Australia supporting engineering leaders develop the capability of their engineering teams.

As a specialised engineering consultant, she is focused on providing end-to-end permanent recruitment services to engineering organisations. Her aim is to assist organisations to meet workforce requirements, overcome challenges and meet business objectives by connecting the right talent to the right organisation.

Here's a little more from Kelly...


Why join Design & Build?

Design & Build have a strong value system and vision that aligns with my own. I feel I can make a real impact at D&B, particularly within the engineering profession.


What does building trust mean to you?

Being open and transparent, following up on what you said you would do and showing your authentic self.


What do you enjoy about recruiting engineering roles for the construction industry?

Engineers play a fundamental role in our day-to-day lives; I enjoy providing support to a profession that makes a difference. It’s also a varied, innovative and interesting industry that I am continuously learning from. 


What can your clients expect from you?

I don’t like to be transactional; I’m passionate about building long term partnerships with clients and to understand their business including the culture, company direction and objectives. Its really fulfilling to help a company succeed by connecting them to the most important asset of any organisation – people.


What can your candidates expect from you?

Honesty, transparency and feedback. I enjoy getting to know my candidates and really like to understand what drives and motivates them as engineers. I’ll also be able to prove advice and guidance on your long-term career path.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Moving to Melbourne on my own as its always been a dream of mine.


What is your biggest fear?

Missing out on my morning coffee


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I already live here! But I’m planning on retiring on a Greek island…


What motivates you to work hard?

Helping people is a big motivation, I value my career and enabling people to succeed whether it’s an engineering business needing the right talent or an engineer looking to progress in their career. It’s such a great feeling knowing you can make a positive impact.


What's the hottest job you're recruiting right now?

A Structural sector lead for a Tier one design consultancy working on some major projects in Australia.


Contact Kelly for roles such as: 

Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer, Fire Protection/Safety Engineer, Audio Visual Engineer, Structural Engineer, Revit Drafter (Multidiscipline), Project Manager/Engineer and BIM manager/Coordinator.



Phone: 03 8535 3100 / 0412 747 198