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Introducing Pippa Rickett, our new Business Support Consultant

Introducing Pippa Rickett, our new Business Support Consultant

over 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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Meet Pippa, the newest addition to our Melbourne team who will be focusing on recruiting business support roles in the construction space. Pippa has recruited in the construction industry for over 3 years, carrying out both agency and internal recruitment across residential and commercial construction.

Let's hear from Pippa herself...


Why join Design & Build?

It was really important to me to find a company that aligned with my values, I wanted to find an agency where the focus is on the relationships and doing right by the candidate and clients. Spending some time as an internal recruiter gave me a lot of insight into how a lot of companies operate and Design & Build had a great reputation for delivering a great service and acting as a recruitment partner rather than having the one off, transactional approach.


What does building trust mean to you?

Building the kind of relationships where your clients and candidates will always come to you, as they know you will have open and honest conversations with them and will do right by then, regardless of whether that results in a fee or not. It also means having a network around you that view you as the first point of call when it comes to industry advice, insights or help looking for a new role/new team member.


What do you enjoy about recruiting business support roles for the construction industry?

For me business support is all about the people, and the people is why I do this role. Getting the right person for a business support role means focusing more on finding the right personality and culture fit rather than searching for a skill set. Therefore, finding the right candidate means really getting to know different personalities, quirks, backgrounds and characters, and knowing which business they fit with means really understanding the culture and environments of my clients beyond the technical facts.


Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself

  • Looking directly at the sun makes me sneeze
  • I can’t wear odd socks – it upsets me if other people do
  • I spent 3 months working as a real-life cowgirl in WA


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Getting my PR


What is your biggest fear?

Getting deported… again!


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Melbourne (I went through a lot to be able to live here) but in a Bayside mansion with a gym, pool and a huge garden for my Boxer


What motivates you to work hard?

My wine and fine dining habit.


What's the hottest job you're recruiting right now?

One of my favourite roles right now is a Sales Representative for a Roofing & Facade company. It's an exciting and unique opportunity to play a crucial role in establishing my client as a key supplier of architectural wall and cladding applications in Melbourne. 


Want to hear more about our business support opportunities in Melbourne? You can reach out to Pippa on:


Phone: 03 8535 3100 / 0434 571 207