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Billy Ramsey is Promoted to Lead Consultant

Billy Ramsey is Promoted to Lead Consultant

about 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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The good news on promotions continues this week and a big congratulations to Billy who has been promoted to a Lead Consultant with us here at D&B.

Billy started with us in October 2016 and has been absolutely instrumental in growing the contract desk for the business. Let's hear from Billy himself about his journey here at D&B...


What does the promotion to Lead Consultant mean to you?

The promotion means a lot to me as I’ve been with the business for a number of years, initially as a Consultant, then to a Senior Consultant and now Lead. It is a great feeling to be recognised as a future leader.


What is it about the commercial construction industry that you enjoy working in?

I enjoy working in the commercial construction industry as I love the variety and individuality of each person I deal with day to day, whether it be a Junior CA to a Construction Manager, seeing their ingenuity and individual input to a project along with watching a project change from a pile of dirt in the ground to the end result always leaves me in awe.  


What about some of the benefits of working in contract construction roles?

There are plenty of differences between working as a contractor or a permanent member of staff, but I find it more of a personal preference of the candidate. With contracting comes flexibility, and being able to have more control over what project is next.


Where do you want to take your career with Design & Build?

The sky is the limit! After starting out as a Consultant around 3 years ago and being promoted to my current role, there is no reason why I cannot become one of the leaders of Design & Build, maybe even spearhead our contract division nationally!


What advice can you give for people who are struggling with the job market just now?

You are not alone. There are tensions and hesitations throughout the industry at the moment with not knowing what’s around the corner or what’s next, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Be patient, tailor your approach to finding the role that you want. Use the time off efficiently and work on your CV – make sure you get the basics right and the rest will follow. Things are temporarily out of your control, but that’s not to say you can’t prepare to bounce back better than ever when the current situation passes.


What roles are you currently working on just now?

  • Project Engineer, 4-6 month contract
  • General Foreman, 4 – 6 month contract
  • Nightshift Foreman, 2 month contract
  • Senior Contract Administrator, 6 month contract

" Moving from a Consultant to a Senior and now into a Lead Role, Bill has made 186 contract placements for the business in his 3.5 years with us and brought in and secured work with a number of leading Tier 1 Contractors.

It has been a pleasure working with you Bill over the last few years, your energy and drive is infections to everyone around you. Caring, patient and a team player I am looking forward to seeing what the next few years brings…. and having a beer with you to celebrate; as a founding member of the Thursday Club it would be rude not to hey!

Congratulations and Thank You for all your hard work and support. "

- Kelly Harrison

If you are looking for a new contract commercial construction role, why not reach out to Billy today - and see how he can help you.