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Civil Infrastructure Sector is Ready to Boost the Economy

Civil Infrastructure Sector is Ready to Boost the Economy

about 2 years ago By Sam Carew
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Well I don’t know about you all, but I am delighted to hear some positive feedback amongst the uncertain times we are facing just now so thought I would share with you all. A survey undertaken by the Civil Contractors Federation National has shown that the industry feels it is ready and raring to boost the economy after the fallout from COVID-19!

The nationwide COVID-19 CCF Member Survey, was sent to multiple civil construction companies to achieve honest feedback and data on the business impact of COVID-19, the potential capacity for companies to tender for more projects, and the most valuable feedback for us and our candidates, the prospect to employ more workers.


List below are some of the key points collated from those who participated:

  • 92% of respondents advised they would have the capacity to tender for new projects up to $50 million, if governments allocated funds for civil construction works covering: road, rail, bridges, ports, utilities, power, water, telecommunications, and other local civil projects.
  • Over 80% felt their business had only experienced a minor or moderate impact from CV-19
  • 64% would need to employ extra people should the government bring forward investment in to infrastructure projects. With a further 29% they would consider extra hires.


There really is no better time to get ahead of the game and get your CV out to potential employers. I’d be happy to work with any interested candidates and work on perfecting their CV’s and interview skills ahead of the employment surge, so you are in the best position possible. If you would like to discuss this further with me, you can email or call me on the following details… / 0411 982 347

To read the overview and full survey, click here: