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Denise Kostoulias is Promoted to Senior Consultant

Denise Kostoulias is Promoted to Senior Consultant

about 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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New desk set ups, 20 new clients in 1 year, 32 permanent placements, 96.2 Recruiter Insider score and a 100% can-do attitude – is it any surprise that we’re celebrating Denise Kostoulias’ promotion to Senior Consultant only 16 months after joining us.

Let’s hear about what Denise’s promotion to Senior Consultant means to her…


Congratulations Denise, tell us what does the promotion to Senior Consultant mean to you?

In short, I am over the moon. I joined Design & Build a year and a half ago, and I was challenged with growing a desk where we had no pre-existing clients. I was able to build my success from the ground up and since been promoted to a Senior Consultant, I’m stoked that my growth has been acknowledged and I’m stepping up in the right direction.


Last time we caught up with you, you were moving onto a new desk, how has your 1st quarter been on your commercial construction desk?

Excellent. I am loving Commercial Construction and it also helps that the majority of my family too work in the construction space. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, I was able to catch up with majority of our clients and it has set up the foundations to continue assisting during an everchanging time. Now in Q4 whilst there have been astronomical changes, my clients are still hiring and seeing the benefit of keeping an eye and ear out in the market as they believe acting now will continue to set them up for future success.


Where do you want to take your career with Design & Build?

As much as I plan my goals for the future, I also enjoy riding the wave and seeing where each step takes me. As I’ve been enjoying Commercial Construction, I’d like to remain working in this sector and hopefully mentor future consultants of Design & Build. Only time will tell where I end up with D&B but maybe I’ll follow in Andy’s footsteps… I am on his original desk in the business so it could be a sign!


What advice can you give for people who are struggling with the job market just now?

Don’t undersell yourself. The market will pick back up and we’re seeing changes already. A lot of people are fearing the unknown and with the growing pressures of being unemployed, it has meant people are becoming flexible on basic salaries, job titles and overall their future goals. It’s important to keep your goals at the forefront of your career planning as you do not want to take too many steps back from where you’ve come. I would suggest for anyone struggling to find a role it’s worthwhile discussing potential salary cuts (not in your overall salary, but a percentage figure) so that it is a periodic change, not a long-term one.


“Since joining the business in December 2018 Denise has been an absolute superstar. She has not only set up a desk for us on Civil Construction, she has brought 20 new clients to the business. Made 32 permanent placements and recently joined the Commercial Construction desk where she achieved over $100k in her first full Q on the desk…. No surprises then that DK (as she is more fondly known about town!) is also currently leading the way on Recruiter Insider with 11 reviews and 5 testimonials, 69% response rate and 96.2 score  so don’t just take my word for it!

Smashes the phone, builds relationships, keeps in touch, cares and I think everyone will agree with me on this one…. gives it 100% everyday! WELL DONE DK and truly deserved.”

- Kelly Harrison, NSW State Manager


If you're looking for a new role in the Commercial Construction space, why not reach out to Denise today on to see how she could help you.