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Ian Bond Is Promoted to Team Leader

Ian Bond Is Promoted to Team Leader

about 2 years ago By Karis McKenna
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After only joining us from the UK 7 months ago, Ian Bond has made a massive impact on our business, particularly in the Commercial Construction industry in Melbourne. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that he has been promoted to Team Leader of our Melbourne Commercial Construction team.

Let’s hear from Ian about his time with us so far and what this promotion means to him…


Congratulations Ian, what does your new role of Team Leader mean to you?

It means a great deal to me being promoted to commercial construction team leader. Having only joined design & build 7 months ago and to be identified as a potential leader in my first few months in the business, was a privilege and also a fantastic feeling and cemented the fact I’d joined the right business to progress my recruitment career. 


What is it about the commercial construction industry that you enjoy working in?

The professionals we partner with, be it candidates or clients essentially shape the landscape and infrastructure around us and it’s nice to know we also play a part in this. 


Health & Safety officers are vital to the construction industry right now, have you seen a spike in opportunities with your clients?

Covid-19 has definitely played a part in the day to day duties of the H&S officers as with every role in, pretty much, every industry. However, a new government legislation comes in to play July 1st, so this has also had an impact on the demand for experienced health & safety professionals.


What are you doing to ensure your team are remaining positive and motivated whilst working from home?

I think just being understanding of the situation we’ve all had to adjust to in the recent weeks helps, keeping a structure of what the team is used to (albeit over video) and definitely lots of light hearted banter has kept the team morale high - I’ve definitely heard some interesting personal stories from the team, which I probably would never of heard! 

Any tips for our readers for leading a team remotely?

Just be there for your team, whether that’s as a leader or as a shoulder to cry on. We will all have good days and not so good days, it’s about finding the positives in every conversation and celebrating this!


Can you share with us some of your highlights of working with D&B over the last 7 months?  

Being promoted has to come first, but other things that stand out would be, being made to feel part of the wider team instantly and making friends across the business (I’m new to Australia, so this was a massive thing for me, in terms of building a network) 



Any final advice for people struggling with the job market just now?

Definitely tailor your resume to the role you’re applying for. Even If you have a different skill set but feel this is transferable then demonstrate this, your resume is about standing out from the crowd and showcasing your experience!


Ian specialises in recruiting Health & Safety professionals into Construction companies, with a focus on high rise residential, commercial & civil engineering projects in Victoria. He can be contacted on either 0421 604 838 or email

Positions Ian recruits...

  • WHS Manager
  • Senior HSE Officer
  • HSE Advisor/Coordinator
  • Safety Officer
  • Quality Manager