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Constructing Your Career with Elinor Moshe

Constructing Your Career with Elinor Moshe

almost 2 years ago By Karis McKenna

Publishing a book is a huge achievement, why did you write it?

This book is the mentor that future leaders and industry professionals need in their career. It’s the necessary, thought provoking and unconventional career conversation that is needed, and what better way than a first, and a one of a kind book for the construction industry to do that. What I do is guide, inspire and direct future leaders and industry professionals to achieve higher compensation, faster progression and more recognition. The book has pieced this together in twelve foundational stages. I have a duty as an industry leader to raise the standards of performance and achievement of my community. Who is going to demand high standards from you? No-one, when you think about it. But I am. Because I want to see future leaders and industry professionals win. I want to see you win. And I don’t discount what I have achieved in my career in less than a decade, which is why I frequently get asked, how did I do it? Here’s my philosophy, my principles, my core values which have driven me to achieve what I have in my construction career, and fast – so you can do the same, and more. But I won’t ever be able to work one on one with everyone in the construction industry, so I had to write the book to make mentoring as easily accessible as possible. A book has the power to be the mentor you need, the conversation you need to have, and the companion to hold your hand as you navigate your career. And, it’s my legacy; it’s my chance to change the trajectory of the industry forever.


What is the book about? And who is it for?

Constructing Your Career tells you how to build an exceptional career in construction via working on the twelve foundational stages on your greatest project. Which of course, is you. The four phases of construction: planning, design, construction and operations detail the specific career construction requirements. I’ve pieced it all together for readers so they can see how each stage is imperative to the success of the next. This is why I developed my own framework for the book.
The Construction Careers Paradox TM clearly depicts how intertwined each stage of career construction is to the other.


The average professional will only apply two out of the three, which results in average careers. There are of course further career inputs which are explored in my book.

It will be tempting to bypass some stages, and only apply sections that readers deem relevant, or necessary. Each stage and sub-stage build on one another, just like a fundamental build. This is easy to visual for a building – but for your career?


If you build your career via planning and design and foundations, there won’t be any growth, and growth is essential to avoiding stagnation and fulfilling your ambition and potential.

If you build your career via foundations and a super-structure, there is no meaning. A career devoid of passion and purpose that is not in alignment with your vision, is simply not worth dedicating your life to.

If you build your career via planning and design and with a super-structure, you won’t have longevity, or be able to play the long-term game, because without solid foundations, everything that is added to it lacks structural integrity.

The sweet spot is in the middle. It’s where all the phases and stages of construction come together – over time. This is not an overnight solution. You use this book as a guide for the entirety of your exceptional career in construction.

This book was written to be as openly applicable to anyone who is ambitious, driven, and can play the long-term game in constructing your career. It’s for those who are striving for accomplishments and desire to not have an average career. At whatever stage of your career that you’re in, this book has you in mind.

There is also a bonus section for construction management graduates on understanding entry-level roles and how to access the hidden job market for employment opportunities. This includes very tactical tips on how to build your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interviewing strategies.


How will people in the industry benefit from this?

Exceptional outcomes are derived from unconventional career intelligence. What if I were to tell you the conventional career intelligence publicly available surrounding careers in construction has mostly held you back? This is the case for a few reasons. First, it’s incomplete and missing context. Second, it doesn’t provide a holistic approach to career development. And third, it’s missing all the internal work that’s first required to achieve career success, because we live from the inside out. You could spend years accruing bits and pieces of career intelligence for the construction industry, and that’s what it has taken me. I will fast-track that for you, whilst getting you to realize what’s possible.

Think about how average levels of performance and mediocrity have permeated society. With an average salary, it’s not so difficult to have a nice house, nice car, travel. When people are comfortable, they’re not striving. Who hunts when their stomach is full? But is that all that a career amounts to? The project that you spend your most waking hours involved with is actually the most average aspect of someone’s life? If you don’t want to be average, then you need to read this book. The book will light a fire of ambition within you that cannot be switched off.


What's been the most influential factor in your own career?

The first is the person that I am. Who you are is an extremely differentiating factor in any career. I wouldn’t have been able to go where I have, and achieve what I have had I not been given the person, the wiring, the fundamental structure of who I am. But, I believe in the power of mentoring like I need the air I breathe. My mentor, Ron Malhotra has exponentially changed my career and life ever since coming into my world. Mentoring can be one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and beautiful experiences that you can render your career with. Without Ron, it would have taken me the better part of a decade to achieve what I have in one year. Without Ron, I also wouldn’t have taken full ownership and had macro and micro visibility on the first most influential factor: who I am.
I wrote this book to be the mentor that I once needed. The mentor who would just piece it all together for me, challenge my thinking, open up my future possibilities. I wrote this book out of a place to be nothing short of a grander experience than I’ve had with mentoring. Because the industry deserves nothing less.  


What should readers really be taking away from reading this?
That the greatest project you will ever get to work on, is you. It would be a waste to let decades go by and not put in every effort possible into your own greatest project. Don’t trade that out for projects external to yourself or rely solely on your technical skills to achieve great heights. Because only then, will we see the whole of the industry have a shift. When all the sum of the parts are operating at their highest possible level. It’s also imperative that readers take action. Taking immediate and massive action is the only way readers’ will achieve results. The book isn’t a feel good read that you read once and put on the shelf. It requires constant work and revision and employment of what is spoken about. Knowledge without action is useless.

What advice do you have for people right now who are struggling with the current market? How can they stay future focused?

It is only going to get worse before it gets better. But unprecedented times call for unprecedented action and ingenuity to not just survive but thrive. This first and foremost looks like taking control of your mindset and focus. If you choose to focus on what you can’t be doing, and what isn’t happening; you’re going to get just that. It’s not having rose-coloured glasses on, but focusing on what you can control and that is your mindset and outlook. Now is a greater time than ever to do the internal work and development that most avoid investing in, because when the market picks up, who do you want to be? If you don’t come out of this pandemic with a plan, a vision or a new skill, you’ve never had a problem with time, but with excuses.  In every economic situation, there are still opportunities – it’s a matter of becoming the person who is aligned with them. The person who sits in fear and inaction, certainly doesn’t.


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