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The Recognised Benefits of Working From Home

The Recognised Benefits of Working From Home

almost 2 years ago By Kelly Power
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I have been speaking to many engineering managers over the last three months and quite naturally discussing the “working from home” scenario. It has been interesting.

Having worked over 8 years in recruitment, I have seen many organizations brand themselves as having a “flexible working environment”. Prior to recent events, this was a term thrown around far too casually and not executed as it was intended. Now we have had to take a leap of faith into new way of working, with some exciting results!  


Some of the benefits recognized in my discussions include;  

  • Higher productivity - Less time spent commuting and less workplace distractions,
  • Improvements to technology and office infrastructure – organizations investing in new technology as means of communicating, collaborating, designing and project managing remotely
  • Positive environmental impacts – less cars on roads, less office waste and most organizations going completely paperless!
  • Work/life balance – allowing families to truly integrate work into their family schedule and routines.
  • Diversity & Inclusion - remote working means people from regional or international areas can still contribute to teams and working parents will not be restricted by home duties, attempting to fit a 9-5 work life into their family commitments. And,
  • Employee attraction and retention rates – by removing location as a hiring factor and improving on-boarding procedures, organizations have access to larger pool of candidates.


Most consultancies are driven by deliverables and project life cycles. In an outcomes-based environment, time spent in the office will not always translate into results. When we start managing people based on the value they provide and outcomes they deliver we allow for true flexibility.

I am excited to see what the future workplace looks like.

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