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Congratulations Ian Bond, Winner of the Best Newcomer Award

Congratulations Ian Bond, Winner of the Best Newcomer Award

almost 2 years ago By Emily Harris
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Although construction consultant Ian Bond only started with Design & Build this year, his contribution to the team has been substantial, so much so that he was awarded the Best Newcomer award in Design & Build’s annual EOFY awards that were held last Friday. The Best Newcomer award is given to employees who’ve started with the company within the last financial year and in this short time have managed to make a significant impact not only with their colleagues but their clients, candidates and the company overall.

“Ian has stood out since day 1 and for all the right reasons. It wasn’t just for his awful shirts, naming his dog Gary, updating his Linkedin profile to Peter Kay along with being a general legend around the office. He has also quickly established himself as an essential member of the team, taken on a leadership role in our Melbourne construction team and established strong credentials within HSEQ. Ian thoroughly deserves this and I am sure more awards are to come.” – Andy McGregor, Managing Director of Design & Build 

We caught up with Ian to find out a little bit more about what this achievement meant to him...

What motivates you?

Wanting to do a great job for both my clients and candidates when partnering with them, but also my own standards of not allowing myself to fail.

What does career success look like to you?

I think in recruitment people always assume it’s assessed on billings and this does play a part, as a recruiter we have financial targets to hit. However, adding value in other areas is as important or if not more, because billings can change very quickly depending on the market.  

What does winning this award mean to you?

Was a surprise to win as a lot of people have joined Design & Build across NSW & VIC, so could have been any of us. However, it was a great feeling knowing I’d stood out for the right reasons and knowing my efforts over the last 11 months hadn’t gone unnoticed.

What has been a highlight for the last financial year and what are your goals heading into next year?

Being promoted to Construction Team Leader after only 5 months in the business and during a pandemic stands out! I think the plan for the next year is to keep establishing myself in the HSEQ space, but also the wider team & brand in the Commercial Construction market.