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Introducing Danyelle Hines, our New Engineering Consultant

Introducing Danyelle Hines, our New Engineering Consultant

over 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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Meet Danyelle, the newest addition to our Sydney team who will be focusing on recruiting for mechanical and electrical roles within the Egineering space. Danyelle has a wealth of experience recruiting across all dicsiplines as well as within Engineering and brings her industry knowledge and enthusiasm to Design & Build. 

During her first week we stopped to ask Danyelle a few questions, to find out a little more about her and why she chose to join the Design & Build team…

What was it that attracted you to join Design & Build?

Desk, culture and brand!

During my interview with Kelly and Andy we discussed company culture, values and processes, and I knew immediately I wanted to work for D&B.

In my second meeting with Alex we addressed in detail; desks, key clients, career progression and the structure of his team. Having worked within the building services space previously, it was great to hear a desk was available in the industry of my choice, working closely with Alex who has recruited for engineering consultancies for the past 8 years.

What does Building Trust mean to you?

Being completely transparent with both candidates and clients throughout the whole recruiting process. Offering honest advice, building strong relationships and always treating others how you would like to be treated.

What do you enjoy about recruiting within Mechanical & Electrical Design?

Recruiting technical roles for Sydney based projects, working with talented Engineers, BIM specialists and Discipline Leaders. I also enjoy learning about the forever-changing digital industry in  Digital Engineering.

What can your candidates expect from you?

Commitment – when working with a candidate, I will always ensure to do my best in finding them a role, suitable to their skills and what they are looking for.

Clarity – being clear about my recruiting process and what actions I will be taking on their behalf. Ensuring a candidate completely understands the role in detail and the company specifics before any application / interview / acceptance.

A positive experience – I promise to be polite, open and truthful in all situations.    

What can your clients expect from you?

Industry knowledge and an honest trustworthy service. Dedication to their business and genuine care. Coffee catch-ups and an occasional beer!

What is your biggest fear?

Crustaceans and walking through rock pools where they live, without reef shoes.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

That’s too hard to answer. I’d break it up; 6 months in Sydney, 4 months in the Philippines, 1-month in Ibiza, 1-month at home (UK).

What motivates you to work hard?

Job-satisfaction and being successful. As well as money to fund my expensive social life / shopping habit.