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Congratulations Alex Scott, on Your Promotion To Division Manager

Congratulations Alex Scott, on Your Promotion To Division Manager

over 1 year ago By Emily Harris
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​Congratulations to one of the original and integral members of the Sydney Design & Build team, Alex Scott who has been promoted to Division Manager. Over the last eight years, Alex has grown from strength to strength; from first arriving in Sydney as a consultant to growing, developing and eventually leading the engineering efforts of the Design & Build Sydney office. As a divisional leader, Alex will now be responsible for developing and cementing Design & Build’s position as a leading recruitment company within the engineering space overall, in addition to expanding the team’s resources within the individual engineering disciplines, particularly civil, electrical and chemical engineering.

We caught up with Alex this week to find out a little bit more about his history with Design & Build and what this promotion not only means to him, but the future of the company.

You’ve been at Design & Build for over eight years! What first drew you to the company?

Our now managing director Andy. I worked with him in the UK and when he said he needed someone to start Engineering in Sydney, naturally it got me interested as Portsmouth was wet and cold! I knew I wanted to make a change and looking back I probably didn’t do the research a move like that needed and took a big leap of faith. But speaking to Andy and the Directors at the time, I could see there was a genuine passion about the business. Coming from a large company to what was a boutique recruitment company at the time was also a bit of a buzz! But what has been clear from day 1 to now, is that there was a very clear message that was communicated from the owner, through the leadership team, to the consultants and that gave the company a great purpose.

You’ve been promoted to Division Manager – what will this new role entail?

I’ll continue to deliver for the specialist group of clients I work with, but will focus on really driving our Engineering sector at D&B and our capability to continue to be who consultancies and contractors turn to. I’ll also be focussing on the continued growth and development of the engineering space within the built environment and taking responsibility for driving the standards that make us successful. Being in a leadership role will also require setting an example not just for engineering but for D&B and keeping myself accountable to that! Basically, being there for the consultants around me to help D&B get to where we want!

“I’m delighted to see Alex progress into a Divisional Leader role and it’s so richly deserved. Having worked with Alex for the past 8 years I have seen him time after time deliver for his clients, candidates and colleagues. Alex is a master of his craft & industry and his results attest to this. He has continued to hone and develop his leadership skills allowing him to lead a multi-disciplined team of recruiters. I am sure this is not the end of Alex’s development with Design & Build and look forward to working with him to progress into a more senior role in the not so distant future.

 Well done mate, just need to work on the golf game now x”

 Andy- Managing Director

What does this promotion mean to you?

A lot, it’s hopefully a reflection of not only the work we’ve put in to get Engineering to where it is but also the industry’s potential going forward. When I think back to 2012 when I moved to Sydney and joined D&B, it felt very much like a start up and to see the overall growth of both the Sydney office and Engineering team in that time is something that should mean a lot to everyone at D&B. It gives us the platform to continue strengthening our position in the market as the most trusted recruitment company in Australia, through delivering for our clients and candidates.

For other people starting out in recruitment, do you have any tips for career development ?

It’s so important that you pick the right company. I still think I was so lucky that my first role in recruitment was with a company that had a strong training programme; the earlier you get it right the easier it is. And again, the reason I’ve been at D&B as long as I have is because I like the way we do things. Whatever company you choose to work at, you need to make sure you share their view of why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s hard to be patient in an industry that demands instant success but if you work with a company that shares your values, you’ll be good!

“I first met Alex as he stepped off the plane in Sydney in 2012, we stepped straight out for a beer and suddenly here we are 9 years later! It has been a pleasure to work with Alex, from his energy and his drive to his wicked sense of humour. He is committed, hardworking and passionate about what he does and you can always rely on him to have your back.

 So proud of what you have achieved personally and professionally Al and here’s to the next 9 years!”

Kelly- State Manager

What are your goals for 2021 – especially in regards to your new role?

Forget about 2020! We’ve had a great start to 2021, so the goal is to keep building on that positive energy and momentum! Commercially, the aim is to continue seeing the results from the hard work we’ve put in to our engineering team!! But importantly I want to see the consultants hit their individual goals, as that’s how the team will continue to grow and solidify our position in the market.

 Congratulations again, Alex! Can’t wait to see what 2021 and this new opportunity brings!

 Looking for an Engineering role based in NSW or QLD? You can contact Alex directly at the details below:


Phone:  0424 150 589




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