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Design & Build's Building Blocks For Success Program- Setting The Foundations

Design & Build's Building Blocks For Success Program- Setting The Foundations

about 1 year ago By Emily Harris

A few weeks ago, we highlighted Design & Build’s new Learning & Development program ‘Building Blocks For Success’; our training program that focuses on catering to the L&D needs of all employees within the business.

Today, we wanted to delve into the first stage of the program – the Foundation Stage- which caters to associate consultants just starting out in their recruitment career. It has been a very exciting time for Design & Build over the last few months as we’ve had four new associate consultants join our team – in both Sydney and Melbourne. During this time, these associates have been developing their communication, negotiation and analytical skills, as well as learning the core foundations of recruitment to not only ensure their ongoing success as recruiters but their contribution to the ongoing growth and success of Design & Build! 

Meet Our Associate Consultants!

Thomas Pizzonia 

Thomas has joined our Design & Build Sydney team and will be working within the property & real estate division. Thomas has previously worked within Sales and Property Management across the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs and will now be focusing on recruiting for real estate roles – both residential and commercial. 

Paige Evans

Originally from the wine region of Margaret River in Western Australia, Paige has called Melbourne home since 2019. Joining our Melbourne office, Paige will be focusing on recruiting roles within the Architecture and Design space and has a love for all things interior design.  

Will Cadorin

Wollongong born and bred, Will first started out in the construction industry and was a Contracts Administrator before trying his hand at recruitment. Will has joined the Sydney Construction team at Design & Build and will be focusing on permanent roles within the tier 2-3 construction fit and new build space.

Daniel Stanislav

 Daniel has also joined our Sydney construction team at Design & Build, but he’ll be focusing on recruiting roles within commercial construction throughout NSW- including Site Managers and Supervisors and Construction and Project Managers, and coming from a previous customer service role, is passionate about the customer and client experience. 


Now officially halfway through their foundation training, we decided to catch up with our consultants Thomas, Paige, Daniel and Will to see how they’re finding the program and paint a picture of what the training looks like to others considering a career in recruitment:

What attracted you to Design & Build and its Associate Program?

Thomas:The team culture drew me into Design & Build and the length of the associate program shows their focus on learning, and prevents a new recruiter like myself from being thrown in the deep end.

Paige:I first discovered Design & Build on LinkedIn whilst on the search for a role in recruitment. I’ve always been a creative person and I have a background in Interior Sales, where I was often dealing with Interior Designers and Architects, so there was an instant connection. When I explored the website, I gravitated towards D&B’s values as a company. Personally, I find culture alignment is paramount and being amongst like-minded people, all working together to achieve the same goal is where I most thrive!

Will: The associate program is perfect for those who are completely new to recruitment whilst also being suitable for those who have some previous experience. My main attraction to the program was the flexibility and regular occurrence of training sessions over a 12-week period. You really get to apply your newfound knowledge acquired from the training sessions to your work in real-time.

Daniel: I was drawn in by the values of D&B (honest communication, focus, feedback and care) – these values aligned well with my personal beliefs so I knew it would be a great fit.

What has been your biggest learning so far?

Thomas: How similar but at the same time different, recruitment is from real estate. 

Paige: Where do I start? The last 4 weeks have been incredible. The biggest learning so far would have to be wrapping my head around the world of recruitment as a whole - learning how to walk the walk and talk the talk! Understanding the responsibilities and skillsets of the positions I’m recruiting for has been challenging but speaking to a million candidates a day has built up my knowledge very quickly!

Will: For me, learning the how’s and why’s within recruitment has been pivotal in my development as a recruitment consultant.

Daniel: I've learnt how to play the long game and the different ways to improve your time management skills.

The associate program is designed for those who are relatively new to the Recruitment industry – what do you think has been a key part of the program that has made you feel more comfortable starting out in the industry?

Thomas: Definitely the length of the program and the company’s understanding that it takes some time to completely learn and understand the recruitment process as a newbie.

Paige: The learning and development program is so in-depth, it doesn’t miss a beat. I consider myself a ‘why?’ person and with the guidance of some really knowledgeable leaders, I feel like no questions are left unanswered. Other than the ace L&D content, the support from the team as a whole has made me feel super welcome and comfortable!

Will: For me, the support provided by the Commercial and Learning & Development team has made my transition from Construction to Recruitment seamless

Daniel: I think what's made me feel more comfortable in my training is the focus on building those fundamental principles necessary to succeed in recruiting. Especially the first-hand work experience gained from the training program. 

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the program and at Design & Build? 

Thomas: I have had constant support and advice from Leanne (our L&D manager) and Aaron (our Property & Real Estate Team Leader) whom I work closely with on the Property team.

Paige: The support from the whole team has been phenomenal, especially from Leanne. She guides you through the L&D program with empathy and really puts herself in your shoes. At no point have I ever felt judged for asking ‘silly’ questions. Stepping into the company at an associate level, I was a little nervous and didn’t really know what to expect but the whole experience so far has just been incredible, I’m very grateful I made the leap!

Will: Adam (our commercial construction team leader) and Leanne (our L&D manager) have both been very helpful in showing me how things are done here at D&B. Everyone is very helpful and approachable, which makes the learning process within the associate program so much easier.

Daniel: Leanne (our L&D manager) has been a great teacher throughout the L&D program. The management team and the rest of my colleagues have also made the process a lot easier through their continual advice and industry knowledge.

Do you have a particular highlight of the program so far?

Thomas: I’ve found the role plays I do with Leanne really effective for my learning.

Paige: Although role plays aren’t my most favourite thing in the world, we always have a good laugh! I’ve also really enjoyed being thrown in the deep end and given the opportunity to just give things a go, even considering my lack of experience – it’s made me learn very quickly. 

Will: The role plays that are incorporated within the weekly training sessions are brilliant. They give you a chance to test out your new knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Daniel:  Leanne’s interactive approach to her teaching style (lots of role-plays) has been one of my favourite things about this program.

What’s it like working at Design & Build- can you describe it in a sentence or two?

Thomas: It’s a very positive environment with a lot of support and great recruitment consultants working around you. It’s a place where you can succeed.

Paige: Design & Build is like a box of chocolates... no, I’m kidding. It’s definitely a work hard, play hard culture. Design & Build offers a clear career path, where you’re rewarded for your efforts and have fun along the way.

Will: The short answer is fantastic. D&B offers a great opportunity for newcomers within the industry whilst providing great support and brilliant culture.

Daniel: Working at D&B has been fun and educational. It comes with its own set of challenges but having such a great support network and company culture makes the journey a lot easier.

What are your goals going into the next stage of the program? 

Thomas: To start being more self-sufficient as I make my way through the program and be a relied upon recruiter for my clients. 

Paige: The next stage of the program has a focus on client relationships, which is both exciting and a little nerve-racking! My goal is the same as when I first joined D&B, to go into it with confidence and believe in myself and learn as much as possible!

Will: My next stage is to be talking one on one with clients. My main aim is to bring in new clients with promising employment opportunities to present to our quality candidates.

Daniel: Through my training, I’m hoping to become more confident and independent in my role.

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career?

Thomas: I hope to be the recruiter that people are thinking of when wanting to explore new opportunities and to contribute to D&B being the go-to recruitment agency for real estate.

Paige: It was a bit of a leap of faith leaving my last job to enter the world of recruitment, but something kept pulling me in this direction – a gut feeling if you like! I’m so glad I jumped ship because I can finally see a future for myself in an industry and company I’ve already grown to love so much. Going into this I said to myself I’d just let my recruitment journey flow naturally, and I’ll organically end up where I’m supposed to be. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and mentoring, so a leadership role in the future is something I can see myself doing. 

Will: To become a go-to recruitment consultant within the construction industry and eventually help mentor future associate consultants going through the same experiences we are now. 

Daniel: I hope to stay on with D&B and eventually make my way into a senior role.

For other individuals interested in a career in recruitment, what can they expect when starting the D&B associate program?

Thomas: You will be given the best start in recruitment. You’ll be in a patient and understanding environment and be given ample time to learn the process. 

Paige: The first week I felt a little overwhelmed because I was learning so much, but into the second or third week, things started to click. My advice is to trust the process! I always felt I could reach out for help if I was unsure about anything – don’t be afraid to utilise the support you have around you. It’s a fun journey, in a collaborative environment, amongst wonderful people. 

Will: The program is tailored to your needs and requirements to excel within the business. If you have dabbled in recruitment before, the Learning and Development team will adjust your training program to ensure you have what you need to succeed.

Daniel: Be prepared for a new set of challenges, it won’t be easy but rest assured that the program has the necessary procedures in place to make sure you can succeed. 


Interested in finding out more about the Building Blocks For Success program, and more specifically becoming an associate consultant?

Click the link below to get in touch with our HR/Learning & Development team 

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