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Celebrating Wins: Congratulations to D&B's Best Newcomer for 2021Renee Hamilton

Celebrating Wins: Congratulations to D&B's Best Newcomer for 2021Renee Hamilton

11 months ago By Emily Harris
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A big congratulations to Renee Hamilton, who last Friday took home the Best Newcomer Award at Design & Build/Public Sector People's End of Financial Year awards. Despite only joining the Sydney Residential construction team in March this year, Renee's contribution to the team has been significant. Within her first few months, she has already managed to help 24 professionals find their dream jobs, while her sense of humour and empathetic nature has made her a fast favourite among many of our clients, candidates and of course colleagues. 

With such an impressive introduction to the team, it's no wonder she took out the hotly contested 'Best Newcomer' title. Read below to find out what drew Renee to Design & Build and what this recent achievement means to her and her future goals at D&B:

What first drew you to Design & Build?

I applied for D&B after making the decision that I wanted to return to Agency Recruitment. In a buoyant market, I looked into several different agencies but was particularly drawn to D&B as I had heard such great things about working for the business through many of my contacts. It also was great to see a bunch of friendly faces plastered all over the company website and socials! The experience following my application was an extremely positive & efficient one that saw me meeting not only with senior management who provided me with detailed answers surrounding the business’ insights and values but members of my potential team, who shared their own experiences working at D&B. This allowed me to truly see what the day to day could look like for me, and really helped cement my decision! 

What has been the biggest highlight since starting at Design & Build (in addition to this award)?

The biggest highlight for me has absolutely been the people I’ve met! The team at D&B is truly made up of a bunch of absolute legends and genuinely good people who I’m grateful to not only call my colleagues but my friends. The workplace culture at D&B is something that stood out to me right away and I love being surrounded by people daily who possess both a work ethic that drives me to work hard and banter that makes me laugh even harder! 

What do you think are the key steps to establishing and building trust with clients and candidates?

I truly believe the most important factor in building trust is being your true, authentic self. Being open and honest in your conversations with both clients and candidates around key points and giving a realistic view of current market trends goes a long way – people will appreciate this far more than being sold the dream! Following this, stay true to the assurances you make, such as getting back to the person in the nominated timeframe, organising interviews, and giving feedback. Too often in my dealings, I hear stories about poor experiences when using recruiters on both sides of the transaction. These negative experiences are often due to the lack of reliability, so I think proving you are both dependable and truthful will assist with cementing an ongoing relationship with both clients and candidates. 

"A huge congratulations to Renee on winning the Best Newcomer EOFY award for 20/21 and beating off some of the best competition we have ever seen across the D&B offices! Renee joined the business in March 2021 as part of the Business Support Team and in this time has secured 24 professionals their new dream jobs! Renee’s commitment to living out Design & Build's values of honesty, care and continual feedback amongst all her clients and candidates has already started to see her solidify some long term relationships. Meanwhile, her hard-working attitude and sense of humour has helped her become a valued member of the Sydney office. A very impressive start Renee and keep up all the hard work!"

Kelly Harrison - NSW State Manager

 What does career success look like to you?

Feeling successful within my career is defined by 3 key areas that all work cohesively together:

Happiness – the first and most important one of all! Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life, right? Coming to work every day and genuinely enjoying the day's proceedings ensures career success for me. This includes not only the work you do but the environment you complete it in, as a poor workplace culture can influence feelings of unhappiness in a role or set career. 

Monetary – whilst money isn’t everything, it’s also a lot! Being successful in my career will mean that I’m at a level financially that will allow me to not only live comfortably but sometimes a bit extravagantly too. Treat ‘yoself, girl! Financial security holds a large weight in our personal lives and also, this mortgage isn’t going to pay itself. 

Consistent growth – being stagnant in a role is not somewhere I ever want to be. Career success to me is showcased through continuous evolution and development opportunities. I love that D&B has a set development plan for Consultants that allows us to set clear goals that will determine progression to that next stage, whether it be Associate to Consultant, Senior Consultant to Lead, as well as other internal pathways. I think as people, we should always be growing continuously to reach for that next step, whatever it may be. 

What motivates you?

There are two sides to this answer – I'm firstly motivated by the desire to achieve career success, which is encapsulated in my response above. Within recruitment, we are set with KPIs and goals that are the drivers to this success and I think having visual goalposts that we must strive to achieve largely influences me and ignites my competitive streak. Secondly, I definitely see myself as a people person and with people being the main resource within my role I’m able to forge connections with so many personalities. Daily, I always try to remind myself how personal and nerve-wracking the career search can be and put myself in the shoes of the person on the other side of the phone. I’m motivated by the opportunity to essentially change someone’s life through finding them the next step in their career or from the client’s side, finding them an amazing employee that is going to be a huge value-add, as this is such a rewarding feeling! 

What does winning this award mean to you?

Winning the Best Newcomer award gave me the reassurance in not only my career, but myself, that I truly needed after experiencing a tumultuous year that was 2020 (I know I’m not alone in this!). With COVID-19 hitting us hard and causing a few career steps on my behalf, joining D&B at the beginning of 2021 saw me again faced with a new challenge of recruiting across a new industry on an unknown desk to me. Although proud of the successes I achieved in this initial period, we are always our own worst critics! Receiving recognition from management of not only my business efforts but overall contribution to the wider team warmed my heart and has given me further drive & motivation to continue to push for fantastic results over the next year and beyond. 

 What are your goals heading into the new financial year?

I have a few goals for the financial year revolving around further development to the Business Support division within D&B and my own professional growth. While I won’t bore you with the stats & figures I’d love to be achieving quarterly, another set goal of mine over the next 12 month is to be promoted to Senior Consultant within the business. Personally, I’ve also just moved into my first owned apartment and have a LOT of new furniture I’d love to be buying, so a goal of mine is to be able to purchase all of that – guess I better get to work!!