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Congratulations to Teddy Murphy, Winner of Design & Build's Director's Choice Award for 2021

Congratulations to Teddy Murphy, Winner of Design & Build's Director's Choice Award for 2021

11 months ago By Emily Harris
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As an organisation, it's always important to celebrate wins- individually and as a team. And Design & Build had a lot to celebrate last Friday with the 

At the end of each financial year, Design & Build like to come together to not only celebrate the company's wins but to recognise the individual achievements and high performance of team members. This is done through hosting our annual End of Financial Year awards, which celebrate the achievements of those who go above and beyond within their roles. 

While the last financial year has posed many hurdles, the Design & Build team have not only risen to each challenge but achieved significant milestones. A great example of this is our Melbourne consultant for Engineering and Surveying Teddy Murphy, who has had some of his strongest performances over the last year and has now been promoted to Lead Consultant. Paired with his positive attitude and the level of care he shows when dealing with his clients and candidates, Teddy was a deserving winner of Design & Build’s annual Director’s Choice award; an award decided on by the Director and Managing director of Design & Build as well as the leadership team. The award is given to the team member whose commitment and dedication to their team, clients, candidates and the overall company has stood out to the leadership team.

We caught up with Teddy - fresh from his win and promotion announcement – to get his thoughts on winning the Director’s Choice award and his goals for the next year in his new role:

How long have you been working at Design & Build and what first drew you to the company?

I have been with D&B for over 3.5 years now and it’s flown by. I had a good feeling from the 1st interview, that D&B fostered a working environment that I could do well in. The things I liked from that first meeting, was the strength of the D&B brand within the market, the focus on making sure the company did recruitment the right way, along with the priority the company placed on consultants having a healthy work-life balance and allowing the team to have fun along the way.

What does Building Trust mean to you? And how do you think this can be best demonstrated within recruitment?

I think building trust is quite simply having honest & transparent conversations with your clients & candidates. This is extremely important given that the market is so close-knit in Melbourne. Your reputation and the strength of your relationships are very important; your clients and candidates will come back to you in the future if you do right by them.

What’s your favourite part about recruiting within engineering & surveying?

I have really enjoyed seeing teams that I have helped in putting together develop. There have been instances when I have placed multiple Draftsperson, Design Engineers, Project Managers and Team Leads in the same office and it’s great to see how they have grown as a business and also to see the projects being built around Victoria. It has also been very rewarding to help candidates who were made redundant due to covid get back into the industry and at times into roles offering more diversity of projects, closer to home or/and offering a higher salary than what they were on before.

Recruitment is a very changeable industry; while there are many highs there can be moments of frustration when variables change last minute. Do you have any coping mechanisms that help you when you feel discouraged? 

Yes, there are plenty of frustrations! Last year had its challenges as recruitment was one of the last things my clients wanted to do due to the uncertainty around how COVID was going to impact the market. In regards to coping mechanisms, I think just making sure you are in the right headspace and understanding that there will always be lows in recruitment when things don’t work out your way, but try to take the positives out of the process, learn as much as you can, don’t let it affect you (for too long!) and be able to bounce back with a positive approach as it’s not the end of the world!

What motivates you in your job?

I think it’s a combination of genuinely enjoying putting good people in contact with each other and seeing that relationship come to fruition. I'm also motivated by the desire to keep improving and better my performance year on year.

What does career success look like to you?

This is an interesting question as I ask my candidates this all the time! For me, I'm trying to focus on becoming an industry expert within the engineering and surveying space, so I can provide more to my clients and candidates. On a broader level, I feel being a successful recruiter is being able to have a positive influence on the companies & projects I work on and of course, my co-workers.

What does winning the Director’s Choice award mean to you?

It is really pleasing to get this award particularly given the year we have had in Melbourne. Even though my results weren’t as consistent as some other desks due to COVID, my approach and values have stayed the same throughout, and that has been recognised which is great. 

Looking forward, what are your goals heading into the new financial year - especially following your promotion to Lead Consultant?

I think the Civil Engineering desk & Melbourne office is in a fantastic position to capitalise on a very busy market. Along with some personal targets I have in mind, I would very much like to continue developing myself and the team, especially now I'm in my new position, so that we can build on the good work the team have done so far.

"It gives me great pleasure to promote Teddy to Lead Consultant - Civil Engineering and Surveying. Teddy has been promoted, not just because of his great success within his specialism but because of the care he shows when dealing with colleagues, clients and candidates. He is looked up to within our office for his positive attitude, commitment to helping his teammates as well as his consistent high performance. I’m excited to work with Teddy on building his team and his continued career progression at Design & Build. Well done Teddy!"
Blair Hickman - Victorian State Manager


To find out more about the current opportunities Teddy is working on within the Victorian Engineering & Surveying space, you can contact him at:

0412 182 171