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Design & Build Opens A Perth Office!

Design & Build Opens A Perth Office!

12 months ago By Emily Harris
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Design & Build is growing! Design & Build's continual growth - especially within construction - has led the company's permanent expansion to Perth, with our first Perth team member Ian Bond, joining the office as lead consultant for residential construction. This will be the first of many appointments as the company focus on building our presence within Western Australia, similarly to what we have done both in Victoria and New South Wales.

Perth and Western Australia represent some great opportunities in both the construction and engineering sectors (two sectors integral to Australia’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery) and consequently, we are excited to see what the future holds for our growing team. To discuss this move in more detail and outline Design & Build’s key goals for the Perth office moving forward, we speak to our Managing Director, Andrew McGregor. Read his answers below:  

Why was Perth the next location of choice to grow and expand Design & Build?

Having established strong foundations in Melbourne and Sydney the decision was made to open a Perth office as it aligns with our long-term goal of growth not just within the construction industry but the engineering industry as well. What helped in this decision was the presence of Ian. Ian not only understands what it takes to be successful in his market but also understands what is important to Design & Build, which is building trust through doing the right thing by our clients, candidates and colleagues.

"Our vision is to be the most trusted recruitment agency in Australia, and part of achieving this vision is being operational in all states and having the ability to meet clients and candidates in person."

Andrew McGregor - Managing Director

What are the opportunities Design & Build are hoping to utilise while in Perth? 

We will stay focused on our core verticals being construction, engineering, & property. In each of these verticals, there are a number of specialisms that will have consultants dedicated to them. We believe in having specialists who are niche and able to understand the whole talent pool available to them. Our goal is to deliver on every role and that comes from ensuring our consultants do not have 20-30 roles to work on at any one time, but 6-8 roles at most within their specialism. 

The Perth office already has its first lead consultant Ian Bond – who will be looking after the residential space. Can you elaborate on why you’ve decided to focus on building the construction desk in Perth first?

Residential construction is one of the cornerstones of our business across the east coast and we have 2 senior colleagues based out of Sydney and Melbourne who can support Ian in developing this space. Furthermore, Ian specialised in residential construction in the UK and Melbourne, so it suits his style and experience.

What are the key goals/areas of focus set for Design & Build’s Perth office within the next year?

To not run before we can walk. Design & Build has just entered its 17th year of business and having gone through 2 start-up phases in Melbourne & Sydney, what is apparent to me is that growth comes from building solid foundations and not putting layer upon layer too quickly. Our goal is to have 4 – 6 team members within the next 12 months all established in key verticals such as residential construction, commercial construction, engineering design, engineering construction, resources, and energy.

How will this expansion to Perth align with Design & Build’s overarching goals and values? 

Our vision is to be the most trusted recruitment agency in Australia, and part of achieving this vision is being operational in all states and having the ability to meet clients and candidates in person.

Why should clients, candidates and prospective colleagues consider working with Design & Build?

  1. Because of our vision, our mission, our values, our team, our experience, our systems, our processes, our marketing, our brand, our training & development, our employee value program (EVP) and how they are all fundamental to what we do as a business. We will not go out and tell people we do things differently, as our view is that most do it the same way or similar. However, our key is how we do it, and why. 

  2. Because of our vision, we focus on building trust with our clients, candidates and colleagues and use this as a key performance indicator rather than how much money we are making. At Design & Build our team is promoted and rewarded based on how much trust they can build, over how much they bill. Our belief is that if you do it the right way, then the results will come, which means trusting in the process and taking a long-term view over short-term wins and prioritising quality over quantity.

  3. Talking directly to prospective colleagues I would draw attention to our EVP and specifically the Building Blocks for Success program. This program offers colleagues at any level access to a structured internal program as well as the ability to access external training & development opportunities. Internally, it comprises three levels; the foundation, elevation and high-rise level. Each level has a specifically designed training program that caters to where you are in your recruitment career, whether that be at entry-level, with some experience, or senior level. We believe this is a unique offering and the program is supported by a Learning & Development Manager and quarterly reviews.


For those interested in finding out more about Design & Build’s latest move and discuss potential residential construction opportunities within the Perth job market, you can contact us below:

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