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Welcome Billy and Ashley!

Welcome Billy and Ashley!

8 months ago By Emily Harris
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Design & Build’s excitement to get back to the office isn’t only because we get to reunite and catch up with colleagues, but because we can finally meet (in person) some of the new additions to the team, who joined D&B during the latest lockdown restrictions. Two of which, are associate consultants Billy Marotta and Ashley Antovski who have joined our Melbourne team as part of our Learning & Development program Building Blocks For Success. Under the guidance of our Learning & Development Manager Leanne Kemp, the Building Blocks For Success program aims to promote continual learning across the business through a program that caters to all experience levels- no matter if they are just starting within the industry or wanting to enhance their leadership skills. To cater to the varying learning needs of each consultant, the program has been split into three distinct levels and Ashley and Billy - who are just beginning their recruitment journey - have been working through the Foundation portion of the program. This level has been specifically designed by our L&D team to provide all newcomers with the foundations to build a successful career in recruitment, from the required knowledge to the essential skills and values. 

Over the last few weeks, our two new associates have been developing their communication, negotiation and analytical skills, as well as learning the core foundations of recruitment. This training will not only set them up for ongoing success as recruiters but allow them to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of Design & Build! As they are now roughly halfway through the Foundations level, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with both Ashley and Billy and find out why they wanted to pursue a career in recruitment, what roles they’ll be working on moving forward and how they’re finding the Building Blocks For Success program:

What attracted you to Design & Build and its associate program?

Ashley: I first saw the advertisement on SEEK and was immediately enthralled by what they had to offer as a company, and after interviewing with Blair, Teddy and Andy, I knew it would be a company I didn’t want to miss out on. The culture is something like I’ve never seen before. I was really excited about the associate program and learning the role from start to finish because to me that shows that Design & Build truly care about finding and nurturing the best talent, whether you come from a recruitment background or not.

Billy: I’ve always had an interest in recruitment but as I had come from a different industry, it was really important that I received the relevant training first, which is why Design & Build stood out to me. I have the chance to develop my skillset with a company from the get-go and feel truly supported. 

What has been your biggest learning so far?​ 

Ashley: Being a recruitment consultant requires a lot of versatility, and it takes a lot of dedication and drive to succeed, but the hard work does truly pay off. 

Billy: A lot of the candidates we speak to have very specific skills and the jobs they are applying for are quite technical so learning and understanding the responsibilities and skillsets of the positions I’m recruiting for has been challenging. Luckily speaking to so many candidates a day has built up my knowledge very quickly!

What was your background prior to starting at Design & Build?

Ashley: I’ve dabbled in quite a few industries in my time, but the majority of my roles come from a sales or administration background.

Billy: Before starting at Design & Build I was working in the tourism industry for a number of years.

The associate program is designed for those who are relatively new to recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the program that has made you feel more comfortable starting out in the industry?​ 

Ashley: The program is very hands-on, which I think definitely helps in more ways than one. You truly do just jump into the role with the support of everyone around you, including training manager Leanne, which I think has played the biggest part in this program. I remember she said to me on the first day ‘I’m not your manager, I’m your friend’ so that definitely created a sense of comfort.

Billy: Just having someone there such as Leanne to help throughout each day has been a key part of my learning. Knowing you have someone to answer any questions or guide you through a new process gives you confidence in your role.

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the program and at Design & Build? 

Ashley: I’ve received so much support since I started, obviously from Leanne, but also from the other guys in the team. No matter what desk they’re working on, everyone has helped in one way or another, which you don’t find often. 

Billy: Coming from a different industry, I believe your support network is everything. If you can learn even the smallest bit from each person in your team it will go a long way to helping your own success. I have had all the team members readily available on teams or over the phone all day every day, even to talk me through some of the most simple of steps.

Starting a new job remotely is never easy but especially when you have to do it remotely. How have you found the remote onboarding experience and what do you think made it easier?

Ashley: I think once you get a taste for the culture in the office you start to miss it, but D&B has done an amazing job in trying to bring that culture to you with online group activities and events. There is heaps of support coming from all areas, like Managing Director Andy, the Victorian State Manager Blair, team leaders and even other colleagues so that’s been awesome. 

Billy: Working remotely can be difficult especially when it’s in a brand new role, however having everyone a call away helps with instilling confidence. The entire team made it very clear that they were all available to help from my first day and I feel comfortable reaching out whenever I need it.

What can new employees expect working at Design & Build - especially as part of the Building Blocks for Success Program?

Ashley: The first few months will feel like a whirlwind but in the greatest way. The training program will benefit you in so many areas of recruitment going forward, and Leanne is definitely the best to learn from. She’s truly perfected this program and continues to find ways to make it even better going forward. 

Billy: Expect to be trained to a high standard with the support of L&D manager Leanne and all of the industry professionals around you!

What are your goals going into the next stage of the program? 

Ashley: Just soaking up as much information as I can and practising that in real-life situations.

Billy: My key goal moving forward is to build stronger relationships with both my clients & candidates in order to establish trust.

Where do you hope to take your recruitment career? 

Ashley: I’m hoping to build a great reputation with clients and candidates across the desk I’m working on and to continue my learning and growth.

Billy: I’d love to become a go-to recruitment consultant within the construction industry and eventually help mentor future associate consultants going through the same experiences we are now. 

What areas will you be focusing on within Design & Build moving forward? 

Ashley: I’ll be focusing on the high-end residential space. 

Billy: I’ll be working on roles within the commercial construction industry 


Interested in finding out more about the Building Blocks For Success program, and more specifically becoming an associate consultant?

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