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Welcome Kiralee and Reece!

Welcome Kiralee and Reece!

7 months ago By Emily Harris
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Our Perth team is growing! Following on from the opening of our first Design & Build Perth office earlier this year, we wanted to introduce some new faces that have joined the team over the last few months. Meet Reece Saldaris and Kiralee Barker who have joined Design & Build as associate consultants under our ‘Building Blocks For Success’ learning and development program. Under the guidance of our Learning & Development Manager Leanne Kemp, the Building Blocks For Success program aims to promote continual learning across the business through a program that caters to all experience levels- no matter if they are just starting within the industry or wanting to enhance their leadership skills. 

We caught up with both Reece and Kiralee this week to find out a little bit more about why they wanted to pursue a career in recruitment, how they’re finding the Building Blocks For Success Program and their goals moving forward as the Perth team continue to grow. Read their answers below:

How did you hear about Design & Build and what attracted you to the associate program?
Kiralee: Starting a new career is daunting for anyone who is about to step out of their comfort zone but for me, it’s about helping people make their goals a reality! I had looked at other recruitment companies previously but none of them stood out to me like Design & Build did. I knew I wanted to be looked after and feel appreciated in the workplace. So, I loved that Design & Build prided themselves on being a people-first business with self-development opportunities.

Reece: After looking for my next rewarding challenge, I came across the job ad on seek. As someone who had long wanted to get into Recruitment, the associate program Design & Build offered was a wonderful way I could learn the ropes. After checking out the website, I was impressed by the company’s values and what looked to be an amazing culture.

What has been your biggest learning so far?​ 
Kiralee: To trust the process, and to remember to regularly reflect back on how far you have come.

Reece: You have to walk before you can run. There are a lot of little things you have to learn initially before tackling bigger tasks. But if you can get those little things right, you start getting little wins which helps motivate you to keep going. 

What was your background before starting at Design & Build?
Kiralee: I lived overseas in my 20’s which then developed into working in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Reece: Prior to Design and Build, I worked as a BDM for a Registered Training Organisation and before that, I had a strong call centre background. 

The associate program is designed for those who are relatively new to recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the program that has made you feel more comfortable starting out in the industry?​
Kiralee: The overall support I received. I started the program a couple of weeks later than the other associates and from the first day I have felt beyond welcomed and everyone in the company has had my best interests at heart in regard to my self-development.

Reece: Undoubtedly, it’s the support you receive from your colleagues. You feel very comfortable about approaching anyone at any time when you have a problem or question. This includes the managers, who offer in-depth understanding and direction. It’s also great that when starting the associate program there’s a group of you starting together so that you can learn from one another. And of course, the support and one-on-one training provided by our learning & development manager Leanne has been invaluable. 

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the program and at Design & Build? ​
Kiralee: Leanne has been nothing short of amazing in regards to her training and support. She is always there to support you, no matter how small or complex your question may be. In addition to Leanne working alongside Lead Consultant Ian Bond has made the process a lot easier as he is always up for banter and gives great constructive feedback. Also, I’ve got to give a big shout out to my mentor and engineering division manager, Alex Scott who helps me with all things engineering. 

Reece: I’ve been fortunate enough to join the Perth office under the guidance of Lead Consultant Ian Bond, who has been nothing but a wealth of knowledge and support. Ian always has time to provide feedback and ways to improve. In conjunction with a well-designed, structured and presented program, you have all the tools available to learn and grow into the role. 

What have you enjoyed most about the associate program/ Design & Build so far? 
Kiralee: Acknowledging and sharing all the wins! No matter how big or small, there is always further learning and celebrations to take away from each experience at Design & Build.

Reece: Without a doubt, the most enjoyable part of the program so far has been seeing the progress I’ve made and the little wins achieved when putting into practice what has been taught by both Leanne, Ian and the wider team. What makes it even better, is the fact that everyone celebrates each other’s wins. It is certainly a business culture I’ve never experienced before.

Perth is a relatively new market for Design & Build team. What are your goals as part of the Perth team moving forward?
Kiralee: I am excited to create new partnerships with prospective clients in WA as well as continue to nurture the existing partnerships we have established in our Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne offices. I am a very genuine and organic person so for me it’s about building trust and doing the right thing by our candidates and clients alike.

Reece: I’d like to eventually be seen as the go-to consultant for my health and safety clients. I’m also aiming to expand brand awareness within Western Australia. Because Perth’s a smaller city than Queensland, Sydney or Melbourne, word travels around quickly. So, I would love to build upon the Design & Build reputation along the eastern seaboard and expand that throughout Western Australia.

What can new employees expect working at Design & Build - especially as part of the Building Blocks for Success Program?
Kiralee: I believe that the harder you work, the more you get rewarded. At first, you may feel a little overwhelmed but as you start to trust in the process and take in as much information and continued support as possible, everything will fall into place and start to become clear.

Reece: Initially it might feel like information overload, but just know that as the weeks go on you will undertake quality training from Leanne and receive support from all levels within the company. Gradually, the little things will start making sense and things start to become clearer. 

What do you think is most exciting about recruiting within the Perth engineering and construction sector at the moment?
Kiralee: There is currently an abundance of ongoing projects and it’s pretty exciting listening to clients speak about winning tenders as well as talking to candidates who want to be a part of each project.

Reece: The number of projects that are coming up. There are a lot of active tenders out there and a lot of suggested construction, which means there is a lot of opportunities.

What roles will you be focusing on moving forward?
Kiralee: Civil and Structural Drafters, Designers and Engineers alike.

Reece: Anything and everything related to Health and Safety HSEQ


Interested in finding out more about the Building Blocks For Success program, and more specifically becoming an associate consultant?

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