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Celebrating Wins: Congratulations to Kiralee On Her Promotion To Consultant!

Celebrating Wins: Congratulations to Kiralee On Her Promotion To Consultant!

21 days ago By Emily Harris
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Continuing on with the promotion celebrations, the D&B team wanted to give a special shout-out to Kiralee Barker who started with our Perth office last year as part of our associate program and this month was promoted to consultant! ​

​Not only has Kiralee completed the training program designed specifically for those just starting out in their recruitment career, but she has shown amazing progress when building the #engineering desk within the Perth and WA space, as Design & Build continue to grow their presence across WA. We spoke to her today about her experience in joining D&B and what other new starters can expect when joining the Perth office: 

What attracted you to Design & Build – particularly the Associate Program? 

For me, it was about helping people make their goals a reality! I had looked at other recruitment companies previously but none of them stood out like Design & Build. I loved that D&B prided itself on being a people-first business with self-development opportunities, and I knew I wanted to be looked after and feel appreciated in the workplace. Starting a new career can be daunting for anyone, I had previously worked in travel and before deciding on the role I was put in touch with D&B staff who had also previously worked long term within the travel industry and they advised me that “they wished they had made the switch sooner”.

The Associate program is designed for those who are relatively new to recruitment – what do you think has been a key part of the program that has made you feel more comfortable when starting out in the industry? 

I started the program 3 weeks behind the other associates, so at first, I was a little overwhelmed but Leanne our training manager created an open and comfortable learning space where she would check in on my learning development regularly and not one of my questions went unanswered.

Support is so important when learning new processes and working with a new team – what support have you had access to within both the Associate Program and at Design & Build? ​ 

D&B want you to succeed and be the very best you can be within your specialised space. ​There has always been an enormous amount of support from everyone in the business whether that’s through the office check-ins, phone calls, celebration emails and teams meetings. 

You’re based within Design & Build’s Perth office, where there’s a big focus on growing the Perth team. What have you found exciting about working within this environment and recruiting within the WA engineering space overall? 

One of the most exciting things has been creating new partnerships with prospective clients in WA as well as continuing to nurture the existing partnerships D&B have established over east. It's also been interesting to learn more about each company's dynamics, future projects, overall growth and what sets them apart from each other. I am a very genuine and organic person so for me it’s about building trust, being transparent and doing the right thing for our candidates and clients alike.

What can other new employees expect working at Design & Build-especially as part of the associate program? 

I’m a big believer in the harder you work, the more you get rewarded. At first, you may feel a little overwhelmed but have trust in the process and take in as much information and continued support as possible and everything will fall into place.

Now that you’ve completed your training and moved into a consultant role, what’s next? Do you have any key goals for the year ahead? 

My main goal will be to continue my learning development within the Engineering space to expand and create genuine ongoing partnerships with key clients as well as candidates. I am really looking forward to seeing the growth of the Perth office and helping my work colleagues along the way.​

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We have lots of exciting opportunities for both experienced consultants and those just starting their recruitment careers - especially within the Perth team- so if you're interested in learning more you can reach out to us at:

(03) 8535 3100

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