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Congratulations Billy Marotta, this year's Consultant's Consultant Winner

Congratulations Billy Marotta, this year's Consultant's Consultant Winner

16 days ago By Karis McKenna
Billy Marotta

Today, we wanted to highlight the amazing work of Billy Marotta, who last Friday won the Consultant's Consultant award in Design & Build's annual End of Financial Year Awards. The Consultant's Consultant award is voted on by the entire D&B team based on who they believe has 'been best on ground' over the last year. Billy has certainly demonstrated this through his consistently strong performance, the record figures he's achieved and the moral support he's provided to his fellow colleagues. Not to mention his recent promotion to Senior Consultant! These achievements are even more impressive when you consider that he only started his recruitment career 12 months ago! 

We spoke to Billy this week to find out more about what winning this award means to him and his advice for others thinking about a career in recruitment: 

Congratulations on winning both the D&B Consultant’s Consultant Award and the Best Newcomer Award for 2022! In particular, the Consultant's Consultant award is decided on based on votes from the whole D&B team. What does winning this award mean to you? 

The majority of success & rewards in recruitment are based off your figures, so to be voted in by your team and to know you're respected and looked up to by your colleagues is quite humbling. 

A big factor of the consultant’s consultant award is the recipient’s ability to positively influence and support their team members. What do you think is the key to good teamwork and being able to motivate your colleagues?

I believe the key to good teamwork is always being accessible. Coming into the business as an associate, you have a lot of questions and these can be quite time-consuming to answer when you're trying to figure things out for yourself. However, if a more senior consultant is there to help out, you can learn things so much more efficiently. It can be as simple as colleagues sending a quick message on teams, so when you first start off, you know there is help if needed. I had several more senior team members do this for me when I first started and was extremely grateful. 

This last Financial Year (F2021 – 2022) has posed some challenges – what were your goals coming into this financial year and how did you keep on track with these goals despite the challenges? 

My main goal over the last year was to focus on continuous improvement; whether that was being more confident on the phone when talking to clients or always trying to raise the bar with call volume with candidate contacts. I believe it's important to set yourself goals that are within your control and let the rest play out. If things don’t go your way, they don’t go your way but the more you focus on the factors you can control, the more chance you have of things working out for the better.

What made you decide to pursue a career in recruitment? 

Coming from Tourism I wanted to move into an industry that revolved around building relationships and was people focused. I had previously spoken to a few people in the Recruitment industry and they spoke passionately about the industry, so I thought why not give it a go!

What’s been the biggest highlight for you over the last financial year? 
The biggest highlight for me has been building our Melbourne team. It’s such a good group of people and I have them to thank for my success to date. It’s incredible to realise how much of a difference people can make in a team even if they have only been here for a couple of months. For me It has been so much easier to achieve my goals when I generally love coming in to work each day. 

For anyone considering a career in recruitment, what do you think are some valuable skills to learn and develop?

You just need the drive to succeed. If you want to have a successful recruitment career and are prepared to put the effort in, the rewards will be there however it does require resilience when things don’t go your way.

The Australian job market is busier than ever right now! What opportunities does this pose for recruiters and how do you aim to utilise these moving forward?

It’s a great opportunity for recruiters to show their true value because, in a busy job market, strong candidates can be harder to find. Clients will remember the consultants that can build rapport and work with them to find the most suitable candidates. It’s also important to still put your clients' needs first as when the market does change, the recruiters that have effectively demonstrated this, are the ones clients will continue to use.

What does career success look like to you?

Building a successful team around you. It's great to have achieved my goals over this first year, however having a team to share group success is so much more meaningful.

What do you like to do outside of work to switch off? 

I’ve set myself a goal of completing an Ironman at the end of the year, (nowhere near fit enough yet) but training is a time I can switch my focus to achieving those goals.

Looking forward, what are your goals heading into the new financial year?

Personally, it's to complete an Ironman at the end of the year but professionally it's to build our Commercial Construction team and put ourselves in the best position to be the go-to team in the market.

To find out more about the current opportunities Billy is working on within the Commercial Construction space, you can contact him at:

0420 941 667