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Unconscious Bias & The Role it Plays in the Recruitment Process

Over the last few months, Design & Build have conducted in depth research into unconscious bias and the impact it can have – particularly within the recruitment process- on an organisation's long-term diversity. It's fitting that this year's campaign for International Women’s Day was Break The Bias, as it demonstrates the negative impact our snap judgements and assumptions can have on creating a diverse workplace and allowing those from marginalised groups to get ahead in their career. And often we don't realise we're making these assumptions, which presents the biggest challenge for organisations wanting to minimise unconscious bias. ​

In the following whitepaper, we explore the ways unconscious bias can emerge within organisations despite the best of intentions and what we can do as individuals and as a larger group to reduce the risk of it impacting recruitment decisions. Fill out the form on the right to get access and download your own copy of the whitepaper.

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