Interview Design & Build

Interview preparation tips

Preparing for your interview

You’ve successfully landed an interview! This is your chance to show that you are the right person for the job.

To show that you are enthusiastic and interested in the role, you need to do research and preparation. If you are well-prepared you will be more relaxed and confident – and appear knowledgeable to the interviewers. 


  • Explore the company website – for information on key staff, company culture and the core business
  • Read media releases/news from the company – these can tell you about recent developments and changes
  • Talk to professionals in your network – they may know more about the organisation you are interviewing for
  • Research relevant trade press – this will give you information about the sector
  • Browse LinkedIn – you can find out more about the person interviewing you and other potential colleagues
  • Thoroughly read through the position description, if there is one available


It is also important to be confident in your own ability and can identify your key strengths and achievements. Imagine how you will explain why you are a good fit for the available role. Have some examples in mind of experiences relevant to this company and job. Know who you are and what you can offer!

on the day

Now it’s time to get ready for the interview itself. Thinking ahead and preparing can make the experience much smoother and calmer.


  1. Your interviewer’s name – as well as the correct pronunciation and their title.
  2. The exact time and location of your interview - plan your journey and allow time for traffic, bad weather and parking. Aim to arrive 10 minutes early - but not too early, as this may irritate the interviewer!
  3. Dress code – though this can vary from company to company, always opt for formal-wear for an interview, unless you are told otherwise. Be neat and tidy with ironed clothes. Always avoid alcohol and cigarettes before an interview.