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Looking for a new job

Looking for a new job

You’ve decided to look for a new role and new opportunities with other employers. What next? We’ve got some important points to help you find what you’re looking for.

Am I looking to advance my career?

You may have to take a new job with a different company to move up the corporate ladder. But could you get that promotion or new role in your current workplace? Try exploring this option with your current employer.

Discuss your desire to progress with your employer and ask them what opportunities exist within the company. If there aren’t any, it may be time to start your job search. If there is room to move up, consider these opportunities and how you could stand out for a promotion.

Am I looking for more money? 

Money may be a major factor in your job search. Perhaps you’ve been headhunted and offered more money - or you’re not getting paid the salary you think you deserve at your current job. Before making a move, make sure you consider all your options. 

Discuss your salary with your employer and ask to negotiate your pay. If they can’t budge on your pay or benefits package and tell you when you could get a pay rise, it may be time to move.

Am I looking to avoid conflict?

Leaving a job to avoid conflict or escape a negative workplace is more common than people might think. But if you like everything else about your job, why let a difficult boss or coworker force you to leave?

You may be able to resolve your workplace conflict and keep your job. Think about the situation you’re dealing with and try to find a solution. Could you speak to your manager or someone from HR for support? If you’ve tried to fix the issue and you are still dealing with conflict, a job change could be the answer.

Am I leaving for a greater work/life balance?

There is no greater topic in the workplace today than work/life balance. Every person has a different perspective of what makes a good work/life balance so before you resign or accept a new role write down what is most important to you.

Take your top priorities to your employer and see if you can find a compromise. If you can’t, make sure you find out about your prospective employer’s views on work/life balance before accepting you next role!

Am I leaving because of the travel?

Travel is becoming another major issue in modern society, roads are getting busier as are trains, buses, trams and planes! Will this really change with your next employer?

Have you discussed a more flexible approach to your role, start early, finish early, start later, finish later? Some employers can offer greater flexibility, if they can’t then at least check in with your new employer to see what arrangements can be made?

Other things to think about:

  • Am I leaving because I feel underappreciated?
  • What can your employer do to change that?
  • Am I leaving because I’m bored?
  • What can you do to change this?
  • Am I leaving for greater job stability?
  • Do you know what the outlook is for your employer? If not - ask.
  • Have I discussed this with my family?
  • There is nothing more important than this!

Make sure you have answers for these tough questions. Knowing what you want will help you find the right role for you.

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